Tom Cruise Keeps Nicole Kidman Away from Kids?

Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise divorce

Photo by: Ralph Orlowski/Getty

Nicole Kidman is rarely seen with her two older children, Connor and Isabella. Star Magazine claims Tom Cruise has a custody agreement that keeps Nicole away from the kids!

Star reports in the January 5 issue that Cruise limited Kidman's custody of her children in the 2001 divorce:

Tom had special papers drawn up shortly after his split from Nicole that carefully spelled out all the details of his wife's visitation rights, according to an insider who's familiar with the documents.

The highly confidential agreement — kept under lock and key at the office of one of Tom's lawyers — limits the time Nicole sees the kids, how much exposure she can have with them and when overnight visits are allowed, says the insider. "She doesn't go anywhere with those kids without Tom's say-so."

Do you think it's true or is it pure gossip? If you want to read more, check out Tom Cruise: Daddy Dearest.


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