Jesse Grund: Casey Anthony’s Ex-Fiance Interview

Jesse Grund, Caylee Anthony, Today Show InterviewJesse Grund, Casey Anthony’s former fiance, gave an exclusive interview this morning on NBC's TODAY. Grund told TODAY’s Matt Lauer:

I don’t know what this Casey is capable of. I think from her behavior, I don’t really know her at all the way she is.

Grund was in tears as he talked about being devastated by Caylee's death. He discussed the backlash against George and Cindy Anthony:

I think the anger that a lot of people are feeling is because of Caylee, such an innocent little girl, being ripped out of our lives. I think we all need to keep in context, even those who are angry, that despite whatever the Anthonys have done, they're still grieving grandparents. 

I know that a lot of moms are following the Caylee Anthony story. Toddler Buzz had a story about finding Caylee's remains last week. This is just too sad for words.


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