Stocking Stuffers: Funny Gifts Under $10

Need stocking stuffers? Entertainment Buzz has it covered! All stocking stuffers are $10 and under.  Today's stocking stuffers are actual gifts I purchased for my brother and sister. Even though we are all adults, my siblings and I are quite immature during the holidays!  Here are the fun gifts I've given my family.

Blue Q Queen Kit

Photo by: Amazon, Blue Q

Queen Kit: For Commanding Respect Whist Touring Your Kingdom

Why I Love It: Includes 32-page Royal Decree Tablet for issuing edicts and compliments to one's loyal subjects. Also includes soap and body mist. Perfect for the person on your list who rules your family (like my sister).

Get It: Amazon, $8.95


Cat Butt Kits, Blue Q

Photo by: Amazon, Blue Q

Cat Butt Kit: Book and Magnets

Why I Love It: The kit includes The Educational North American Cat Butts Field Guide paperback, and cat butt magnets! This was a perfect gift for my brother, who has a weird and wonderful sense of humor.

Get It: Amazon, $6.95

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