Budget Holiday Gifts: DIY Music CD!

Blank CDs

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DIY Music CD's are gifts I create for my friends and family every year. My taste in music ranges from 80's to Classic Country to Rock & Roll. I've been making CD's for my friends for years because it's a personal gift...and it's cheap!

You can buy a pack of 10 CD Jewell Cases for $3.99. Blank CD's will run you $8.88 for a pack of 25. You can spend $12.87 in supplies and create 10 gift CDs!

You'll even have CDs left over for birthdays and other holidays. I buy in bulk because it's cheaper.

Music for DIY Holiday CD

I use music I already have to burn my holiday gift CDs. But even when I have to buy music from iTunes, it's only 99 cents per song. iTunes allows you to create 5 copies of a song for private use only.


Some people really like holiday tunes and some don't. I make two different gift CDs, a holiday music  and mix music version.  Here's what I created last year.

2007 Holiday CD

  • World - Five for Fighting
  • Hard Candy Christmas - Dolly Parton
  • All I Want for Christmas - Olivia Olson
  • Jingle Bell Rock - Wayne Newton
  • Santa Claus is Watching You - Ray Stevens
  • Carol of the Meows - Guster

I grew up in a town where we could listen to two kinds of music. Country OR Western. I still love my C&W tunes and I usually create a Country mix CD for my buddies.

2007 Country Mix CD

  • Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line - Waylon Jennings
  • Boy Named Sue - Johnny Cash
  • Turning Japanese - The Vapors
  • Pop Life- Prince
  • Santa Claus is Watching You - Ray Stevens
  • Honky Tonk Badonkadonk - Trace Adkins

Do you make CD's as gifts? I love to give them and get them! If you've never heard Ray Steven's Santa Claus is Watching You, here's the video. Enjoy!

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