Starpulse is a Gossip Site You Want to Read

Photo by: Kristian Dowling/Gett

Starpulse is one of the hottest places to find celebrity news on the web, reaching 40 million page views every month.

Stephanie Nolasco writes for Starpulse. She dished with Entertainment Buzz a few days ago.


Stephanie thinks we are intrigued by celebrities because they are the modern day Greek gods and goddesses.

SN: Celebrities are the ideal image we want to be like: beautiful, powerful, rich, and adored by thousands. They seem to have it all and as much as we may despise their position in society, we can’t help but be intrigued by their every move.

Celebrities seem too perfect but when they experience divorce or drug rehab, it proves to us that at the end of the day, they’re regular people who experience the same issues as we do.

Stephanie says Angelina Jolie is one of the most interesting celebrities to write about because Angelia is perceived as both a saint and vixen.

SN: Angelina's beauty, her relationship to Brad Pitt, her acting career and her good deeds make Angelina the ultimate Hollywood celebrity. Whether we love or hate Angelina, she’s a celebrity that people will never get tired of. I think that now Angelina seems to have a seemingly perfect life, people are still going to speculate the worst.

We'll have some more info on Starpulse and Stephanie next week!

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