Kim Kardashian Already Has North West On a Diet

Kim Kardashian

It looks like someone here might have to put that secret stash of Goldfish away before her mama finds out! Apparently, Kim Kardashian already has her 18-month-old daughter North West on a pretty strict diet.

And while the word “diet” might be scary, it’s not as bad as you think.


According to The Daily Mail, Kim is making sure that North is getting the best of the best as she’s on an all-organic diet and even has a personal chef make all of her meals for her (and no, we’re not talking about Chef Boyardee...). Apparently, while most of our kids snack on Mac ‘N Cheese and a handful of Cheerios after school, Princess North gets the full treatment in the kitchen. A source said:

During the family’s recent trip to Paris Fashion Week, North and her nanny allegedly had their own penthouse suite at the Le Royal Monceau hotel. North also had her own chef during the stay. They use a local caterer to bring in food for North while she is in Paris. Kim likes Nori’s food to be all organic.

You know what, if I could afford to buy everything organic for my family, I sure as heck would. Kudos to Kim for watching what her daughter eats while helping her develop good eating habits early on. While buying everything organic would break the bank for me, I try to at least by a few select items such a milk, eggs, and chicken. I see way too many toddlers eating so much processed food and drinking Coke and Sprite that it makes my stomach turn. It’s gross, people!

Either way, it’s good to see that Kim is giving her daughter the best she can get when it comes to her dietary needs. There’s no reason to hate on her for this, especially since she can afford it and it's for the good of her daugher's health.

What do you think of Kim’s special diet for North?

Photo via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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