'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Trailer Shows Most Nightmarish Clown Ever (VIDEO)

american horror story freak show

If you are in the mood for a scare right now, or at least to be very, very creeped out, congratulations! You're doing the right thing by watching the newest trailer for American Horror Story: Freak Show. If you've ever wanted to see Sarah Paulson as conjoined twins or an absolutely terrifying clown, you're in luck! This is the trailer for you.

As most of you know, an entire season of AHS is basically a "miniseries," with a new beginning, middle, and end for every season. Well, okay, okay, Naomi Grossman is coming back as her American Horror Story: Asylum character Pepper, which represents the first time that a character has crossed over between seasons.

Though many argued that American Horror Story: Coven didn't live up to previous seasons' standards, this one is pulling out all the stops to really, truly, surely freak you out.


Check out the trailer. It's not actually that horrifying until the very end:

Kathy Bates with a beard gets a lot of screentime, but Twisty the Clown, yeah, no thanks. As a self-admitted chicken sh*t, getting murdered by a clown looking like that is certainly not a mental image I'd like to be stuck with for the rest of my pathetic life. I was going to include the gif of him, but no, I won't do that to you.

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The season will be set in 1952 in Jupiter, Florida, featuring one of the last freak shows in America. Perfect setting for a horror story. Those effects for Paulson's character look amazing, and who wouldn't want to hear Jessica Lange singing a Lana Del Rey song? Guest appearances will include Patti LaBelle, Gabourey Sidibe, Matt Bomer, and Wes Bentley.

But come on, seriously, that clown. OMG. Nope. No thanks. I'm good. Time to go take a cold shower now.

Are you looking forward to American Horror Story: Freak Show?


Image via FX Networks/YouTube

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