Chelsea Houska & Boyfriend Cole DeBoer Are All Sorts of Hot in New Video

Chelsea Houska

Aww! Even though she has yet to openly talk about him (you know, on Twitter or whatever), it sure looks as though Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer are getting pretty serious, especially since she supposedly introduced him to Aubree already.

We're all dying to know more about this dude. Thanks to a new Instagram video Chel shared, we're in luck as far as being formally "introduced" to Cole goes.

Wait until you get a load of how stinkin' cute the two of them are together, hanging out on the couch like an old married couple.


OMG. Love it!

(And can I please go ahead and reiterate that Cole is one hell of a hottie? Damn.)

Chel seems so happy with her new man, and based on the giggles she had going on in the background of this video, it's obvious that she's totally head over heels for him.

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Honestly, it's about damn time she found someone who treats her right, makes her laugh, and the whole easy on the eyes thing definitely doesn't hurt either.

But now that she's given us a sneak peek of her sexy man, let's hope Chel doesn't hold out on us too much going forward. He's way too dreamy for her to keep him all to herself!

Do you think Cole seems like a good guy?


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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