'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Chelsea Houska Gets Ready for Custody Fight With Adam Lind

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It's been clear for a while: Adam Lind is bad news. The guy has been arrested countless times, faces multiple charges, and just seems generally unreliable. And on tonight's episode of Teen Mom 2, he proves that yet again when he not only gets arrested, but Aubree is hurt on his watch. 

When Chelsea Houska finds out that Adam was arrested another time, it's really no surprise. But then Aubree returns home with a big scrape on her knee from when he took her dirt-biking. With no helmet. While his license is suspended. Oy.


Rightfully, she requests records of all of Adam's charges and future court dates and is even looking to take it up to a lawyer. Papa Randy dissuades her from taking legal action right away, but it's looking like it's not far off. Especially since Adam's court dates are coming up soon.

The Teen Mom custody battles didn't end there. Leah Calvert and Corey Simms finally appear in front of a judge to argue about a revised custody agreement and to discuss Ali's medical rights. As Corey puts it, Leah gets "personal" and the once amicable co-parents duke it out. But it looks like we'll have to wait for any official announcement. The judge made no decisions and instead appointed a special lawyer to take a look at their case.

While Isaac is busy spending time with dad Jo, Kailyn Lowry heads to an open house for Delaware State University. Mass Communications, here she comes! Later, along with Javi and Lincoln, the little family heads out on a beach vacation, sans Isaac. And that's where Kailyn confesses her worst fear. She's afraid Isaac will want to live with Jo permanently. Clearly, just the idea is breaking her heart, and with Isaac away from the family for so long, the distance is wearing on her.

Meanwhile, over in South Carolina, Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith pick up their argument over Jace's custody yet again. Jenelle doesn't want Barbara to be alone, and Nathan calls her out on stalling on regaining custody. As for any official steps? Looks like Jenelle is holding off for now. But when Barbara takes Jace to his first fireworks show, Jenelle realizes how much she's missing out on, so it might be time to reconsider the arrangement.

Do you think Chelsea should take Adam Lind's custody away?


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