Leah Calvert Reveals the Devastating Truth About Her Custody Battle (VIDEO)

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Ever since they first starred on 16 and Pregnant, Leah Calvert and Corey Simms have always seemed to get along. Even while they were going through their divorce, their daughters, Ali and Aleeah, always came first. When they introduced their respective new spouses into the mix, things were again totally fine. Their co-parenting skills were admirable. But all good things must come to an end, it seems, because Corey is fighting Leah for full custody of the twins.

As we saw in last week's episode, Corey filed a petition with his lawyer to become the girls' primary parent, leaving Leah as the weekend parent. The two have also recently battled over Corey's child custody payments and medical rights over Ali. Basically, all is not well in the Calvert-Simms relationship.

And from the latest Teen Mom 2 video, we can see that Leah is actually legitimately concerned that the court will allow for the custody switch. It's so much more devastating than we expected:


We know there has been drama, but did anyone really honestly think that she'd lose custody?

From the looks of the video, it's definitely possible. Those tears don't lie. She's obviously truly and deeply concerned that Corey might get the girls full-time and we're absolutely heartbroken for her.

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Since they were born, and especially after the couple's divorce, Leah has held primary custody. Sure, the parents haven't seen eye-to-eye. It's taken Corey a while to come around to the truth of Ali's diagnosis, and Leah has definitely made some mistakes along the way, especially when she skipped a few physical therapy appointments.

But neither is perfect and just the idea of losing time with her two oldest daughters is clearly tearing Leah apart. And because the situation is so much scarier than we originally thought, we can't blame her for getting emotional.

Let's hope the two figure it out soon, for the sake of the girls.

Who do you think should have primary custody of Ali and Aleeah?


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