Leah Calvert's Money Problems Finally Get the Best of Her

Leah Calvert and baby

Sometimes it can be tough to remember that reality TV stars are actually real people, not actors, which means they can't help but get defensive sometimes when their character is being judged.

And while she isn't really the type to lash out or fly off the handle, Leah Calvert went on a Twitter rant of sorts last night after receiving a lot of harsh criticism for recently upgrading her lifestyle a bit.

Seriously, to say that people have been unkind to her about how she chooses to spend her money is a huge understatement.


If you recall, Leah and Jeremy moved to a farm and even got a horse for their girls, mainly to use as therapy for little Ali, who suffers from muscular dystrophy. And right away, many people started wondering where in the heck she got the cash to buy not only a bigger place, but an animal as pricey as a horse.

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Plus, a few months ago, Leah started a Mary Kay business, so she's under fire for purchasing the makeup and supplies needed to get it up and running.

Apparently she'd had enough of being called out for dropping cash, which is where the Twitter rant comes in. 

Huh. Well I guess she cleared that up, didn't she?

Leah went on to advise people to take a step back and think for a minute before being so judgmental of her. Then she posted like a zillion tweets about how all she wants to do is make a difference in the lives of others and to set a good example for her girls.

OMG. Don't you feel awful for her? The poor woman has enough challenges in her life as it is without having to explain her spending habits to a bunch of people who don't even know her! 

Hopefully she at least feels some sense of relief after getting things off her chest, but Leah honestly doesn't have to justify what she does or does not do with her own money to anyone. 

Sadly, this probably won't be the last time she comes under fire for choices she makes, at least as long as Teen Mom 2 is still airing.

Sigh. I guess turning a blind eye to the critics is easier said than done.

Do you think Leah spends too much money?


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