Leah Calvert's Money Problems Finally Get the Best of Her

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Leah Calvert and baby

Sometimes it can be tough to remember that reality TV stars are actually real people, not actors, which means they can't help but get defensive sometimes when their character is being judged.

And while she isn't really the type to lash out or fly off the handle, Leah Calvert went on a Twitter rant of sorts last night after receiving a lot of harsh criticism for recently upgrading her lifestyle a bit.

Seriously, to say that people have been unkind to her about how she chooses to spend her money is a huge understatement.

If you recall, Leah and Jeremy moved to a farm and even got a horse for their girls, mainly to use as therapy for little Ali, who suffers from muscular dystrophy. And right away, many people started wondering where in the heck she got the cash to buy not only a bigger place, but an animal as pricey as a horse.

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Plus, a few months ago, Leah started a Mary Kay business, so she's under fire for purchasing the makeup and supplies needed to get it up and running.

Apparently she'd had enough of being called out for dropping cash, which is where the Twitter rant comes in. 

Huh. Well I guess she cleared that up, didn't she?

Leah went on to advise people to take a step back and think for a minute before being so judgmental of her. Then she posted like a zillion tweets about how all she wants to do is make a difference in the lives of others and to set a good example for her girls.

OMG. Don't you feel awful for her? The poor woman has enough challenges in her life as it is without having to explain her spending habits to a bunch of people who don't even know her! 

Hopefully she at least feels some sense of relief after getting things off her chest, but Leah honestly doesn't have to justify what she does or does not do with her own money to anyone. 

Sadly, this probably won't be the last time she comes under fire for choices she makes, at least as long as Teen Mom 2 is still airing.

Sigh. I guess turning a blind eye to the critics is easier said than done.

Do you think Leah spends too much money?


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shell... shellyplatz

I would have bought a cheap washer and not spent $2000 on a washer. Think of the things SHE could have bought her daughter with the $1600 she could have saved,

Jennifer L Hancock

Leah needs to think about how she spends her money.... did she really need to buy a brand new washer? She could have bought a used one or a new older model one that didnt cost so much.

sadmo... sadmom14633

I know first hand how much horses help children, especially with health issues. And I can understand the bigger house. But she always has her nails done and changes her hair everyday. She has bought over $1000 in makeup that she admitted that he hasn't sold. She needed a brand new $2000 washer. She has even admitted to having a spending problem. I have no sympathy for her financial problems. Your kids are more important than your hair and nails. Grow up, Leah. Just grow up!!

nonmember avatar Berlinessness

Whatever Leah. Anyone who watches the show and has watched since your 16&P days can tell that you have changed SO much. So funny that Corey never was able to provide good enough for you so you bought a trailer and told him you were moving with or without him. Wives don't do that! You discuss things, that was pathetic! As was falling on Robbie's dick before you married Corey. Sleazy girl.

Anyway, Jeremy better thank his lucky stars that he has a good paying job because if he didn't, Lord know you wouldn't still be with him. Had to have that trap baby Adalynn though, huh? Make sure you'll get those child support checks! You don't care if Corey and his wife live in a cardboard box as long as you are taking at least 90% of his income. You and your kind make me sick!! You should totally give up Mary Kay, too. Your makeup looks like crap EVERY TIME you are seen, what makes you think someone else would let you do theirs, let alone sell them products you obviously don't know anything about?!

Mom2S... Mom2Selena

She deserved a better home then the one Corey had them living in or did you forget where she had to bathe the girls?Yet he went out & bought a brand new truck...think nbefore you speak

Stephanie Sandlin

An expensive washer, she could have bought used & saved over $1000 dollars.

nonmember avatar AJ

Honestly! I cannot believe you people think you have the right to criticize other people the way you do. Let's put your life under a microscope so that everyone can return the favor. Here girls are well taken care od and Corey barely pays child support. I guess his new wife has some sort of a trap for him too huh? Its pretty obvious that she loves Jeremy, and what type of a person says something like that about a baby?!?! Calling her Leah's trap for Jeremy?!?! I guess he wasn't there when she was made...aye! People who think mothers should cease to exist and anything that they want should automatically be taken from them and spent on their children.....is insane! Obviously those girls get what they need, and if she wants to take care of herself, then good. I agree everyone needs to budget, but she's still growing up herself and just because she has children doesn't make her magically turn into this fiscally responsible, self sacrificing mother and wife. She will get the money thing under control in time. Corey's not perfect either he actually could not have cared less that they needed a new home for the family, he wanted a truck. How special. Don't criticize thus young mother, live your life the way you think she should live hers.

anaij... anaijasmom

Who cares, it's HER money. Get out of her pockets!

hart57 hart57

The show is not edited that much. She does have a spending problem, Jeremy said it himself.

She probably makes a lot from the show, but I doubt she will have anything to show for it when she done filming.

nonmember avatar cassie

She deserves every harsh comments she. Has gotten face ass whore she shows girls exactly ehat NOT TO DO!!

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