Jamie Dornan's New Selfie Reveals Everything We Need to Know About Christian Grey

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It's about damn time. A few weeks ago, Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan joined Instagram and his very first photo was, you guessed it, a selfie. In the pic, Christian Grey is (duh) looking hot, but it was more of a jokey, tongue-in-cheek kind of shot as opposed to a sexy one. (As you can see, he's all scruffy-faced and holding up a sign that reads, "I am Jamie Dornan.") But now, almost a month later, the actor finally posted a new photo to the social networking site -- another selfie -- and daaaamn. This is what we're talking about!

Check out Jamie Dornan looking, well, like Christian Grey:

Not bad, right? The photo was taken at the GQ Men of the Year Awards this week (seriously, was anybody not there?), where Dornan received the Vertu Breakthrough award. He captioned the shot, "Blue is the warmest colour. #gqmanoftheyear." (Look at him! Using hashtags and all!)

By no means is Dornan a "red carpet staple" -- in fact, we rarely see the actor out and about, so it's nice to see him all gussied up for an awards ceremony, bearing an incredible resemblance to what we all imagine he'll look like as Christian Grey in his perfectly tailored suit. It's like we're getting a mini-glimpse of him in the movie.

Also nice? Seeing him Instagram another g.d. pic! Come on, Jamie, don't be one of those people who joins and then never posts anything. But at the same time, don't go crazy. Strike a balance. It's an art, really. Okay, I'm going to stop talking because I hate myself for writing that, but looking good, Dornan! Yowza!

What do you think of Dornan's Instagram photo? What do you think of him as Christian Grey?


Images via R Chiang / Splash News

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Tango135 Tango135

He looked ravishing in that gorgeous blue suit.  He and Amelia make a stunning couple.  So very happy for him and his continuing, and growing, success.  We'll be seeing lots more of this Irish hunk and his acting talent will prove he's so much more than simply a sexy, handsome face!clapping

Bonnie OHara

He's just not "buff" enough for me.

Bonnie OHara

He's just not "buff" enough for me.

Margaret Wason

Just like Jamie Dornan said, you cannot please everyone but he sure is going to try to please a decent amount of people.  Each of us have our own opinion of "buff"  Your's is above the bar and 99% of our males are not your kind of buff.  Just close your eyes and take your "dream man" with you in your dreams, as millions of fans will keep Jamie Dornan.  Thank you.


nonmember avatar samantha

Jamie Dornan is exactly how I pictured Christian Grey when I was reading the books so for me he is perfect for this role.

nonmember avatar Cstine

I prefer Charlie Hunnam

Grand... GrandmaAllGirls

In the book Christian grey was supposed to be unbelievably good looking. He attracted attention everywhere he went. This guy is ok... but no Christian Grey

Kristie Branch Hairston

I think he will knock it out of the park. I did not want a BIG name star in the role...would have drawn energy away from the actual movie. 

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