Miley Cyrus Mocks Nicki Minaj's Famous Derriere in Weirdest Way Possible (PHOTO)


Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus loves her selfies, that's for sure -- especially the nude ones. This former Disney star has effectively, and provocatively, shed her Hannah Montana image since exploding onto the MTV VMV stage in 2013 in all her twerking gloriousness.

Aside from swinging in naked on a "Wrecking Ball" shortly after her much talked about performance with Robin Thicke, we've been treated to selfie after topless selfie, and many more in the shower besides. But Miley's latest selfie mocking Nicki Minaj is something to behold indeed.

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Last month, Miley openly mocked Minaj's bootylicious "Anaconda" cover image with her own (likely) photo-shopped junk-in-the-trunk picture on Instagram. She even posted one (obviously) photo-shopped pic with her Hannah Montana look, and labeled it "Hannah Conda." Very clever, Ms. Miley.

This week, she decided to skip the photo-shopping and opt for a giant prosthetic butt instead. She posted this pic along with the caption, "ass so fat need a lap dance." Keepin' it classy!

Oh good grief. And there's the tongue too. Because there's no greater accessory to a giant fake bum (or to Miley Cyrus) than a visible tongue.

Do you think Miley's latest selfie is funny?


Image via Miley Cyrus/Instagram

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mat-n... mat-n-raesmommy

for someone who bitches about just wanting to ne herself and people to accept it she sure enjoys making fun of others. pot calling the kettle black? i think so.

Belle... BelleDame817

I think it's funny but then again I'm not up to date with the girl she's making fun of. The fake butt is funny all on its own.

nonmember avatar me

shes just jealous of her butt. since she has a very flat one that makes her twerking just look weird lol

TinyT... TinyTootiePie

Just cuz you make fun if something doesn't mean you're against it or jealous of it! That's dumb! I make fun of many things I think funny, but just to be funny or silly, not to be mean spirited. I think Miley is being her silly self. Nothing more.

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