Kailyn Lowry Accused of Putting Baby Lincoln in Danger

Kailyn Lowry, Javi Marroquin

Kailyn Lowry is basically Super Mom, so it's shocking when we see her make a big parenting mistake. Like on Wednesday night's episode of Teen Mom 2, when she left her infant Lincoln in the car while she picked up 4-year-old Isaac from preschool.

What? Come on, there are parenting gray areas, and then there are lines you just don't cross, and leaving a baby alone in a car is one of them. Haven't we all heard the horror stories of what happens when helpless infants and toddlers get forgotten about in cars? And here was Kail, deliberately leaving Lincoln!

The social networks noticed too, and the backlash was harsh. One commenter said, "Am I the only one kind of disgusted with Kailyn leaving her f*****g infant in the car unsupervised? that is s**t I don't like." Another said, "Did Kailyn just leave her newborn in the car while she goes inside to pick up Isaac? She sucks at being a mom just like her mom."

Ouch. That was way harsh. And apparently unfounded. Kail took to Twitter to defend herself, and it turns out the whole situation was some bad editing on MTV's part.

Oh. Yeah, that makes sense. It's so easy with reality TV to sometimes forget that there's a whole production going on behind the cameras. Of course there was someone there to watch Lincoln while Kail popped into Isaac's school.

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We knew Kailyn would never be so irresponsible!

Do you think Lincoln was safe in the car with a crew member standing by, or should Kail have taken him in with her?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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Keith Vittitow

Geez leave the girl alone, the baby was obviously being watched by the crew member and if that person hadn't wanted to watch him she would have taken him in. Everybody jumps so fast to conclusions without knowing all the facts, it's so annoying.

UrWor... UrWorstNight

If people couldn't have figured out on the camera men were there, then there is an issue.

nonmember avatar Jessica

It doesnt matter if there is a crew member or not she states a crew member stood by!! while to me seems like the baby was still alone in the car while she ran inside and what if she talked longer to isaac teacher or someone stopped to make convo and the baby was just inside the car by himself!! this is suppose to show how hard it is as a teen mom while Kailyn take your damn baby in like other mothers do when they have more than one baby!!!!!!!!!!

Deidre Pantin

he wasnt left alone , OMG!!!!!!! did u not hear that there was someone watching ,always ready to jump to the wrong idea , she is a great mom , just let her breath , sheesh!!!! 

Kim Ohl

Jessica...You're an IDIOT! He was being watched. God pull your head out of your twat.

nonmember avatar Kaylee

I dont think she did anything wrong. there was a whole crew there so baby boy was never alone. and if the crew guy was standing outside the car thats fine to cause how many of us moms stand right outside the car to talk to someone and and your baby was in the car by its self? think about it. she has been a good mom since day one everyone makes mistakes stop judging em

nonmember avatar anna

Leaving a baby alone is irresponsible and down right wrong. But, clearly, lincoln was not unsupervised! Kailyn wouldn't leave lincoln, she's smartee than that. So cut the girl a fucking break, she's a great mom, keep it up kailyn! You are doing awesome!

brown... brownie202230

He wasn't alone. Leave her alone.

nonmember avatar Tiffany

I mean...I watched the episode...how can anyone not have realized the crew was there...what do u think they left while Kailyn was inside and then came back when she cane out...come on now...

nonmember avatar someone's mommy

I was more concerned with the little beaded bracelet that Lincoln was wearing and chewing on. My brain screaming choking hazard, but I know Kail is a good mom from everything else I've read/seen so I'm sure she would endanger her boys.

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