Nick Cannon's Bizarre Twitter Rant About Mariah Carey Backfires

Mariah Carey has reportedly begun the process of divorcing Nick Cannon as he went on a Twitter rampage last night. Nick went on and on about the news stories without ever really saying that they aren't true -- except he claims he never spoke to anyone about his marriage and certainly never said that there was "trouble in paradise," which he calls "the dumbest phrase I've ever heard." Well, he's got a point there.


Whether or not Nick ever confirmed that the two were in trouble, his long Twitter rant doesn't deny it either. In fact, if anything, he trots out a couple of well-worn "we're in serious shit" cliches that let you know things aren't going that well.

For one, he says,

Yes, "difficult time" is usually a euphemism for something much worse -- and no one describes a happy, solid marriage as a "difficult time."

Additionally, he said:

Yeah, whenever the most a guy can say about you is that he loves you because you're the mother of his children, well, you know you're toast.

Sooooo not sure what this Twitter rant was about except to confirm in everyone's mind that there's "trouble in paradise," even if that is a dumb phrase Nick would never use.

Does this make you more or less convinced they're in trouble (though not in paradise)?


Image via Mariah Carey/Instagram

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