Nick Cannon's Bizarre Twitter Rant About Mariah Carey Backfires

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Mariah Carey has reportedly begun the process of divorcing Nick Cannon as he went on a Twitter rampage last night. Nick went on and on about the news stories without ever really saying that they aren't true -- except he claims he never spoke to anyone about his marriage and certainly never said that there was "trouble in paradise," which he calls "the dumbest phrase I've ever heard." Well, he's got a point there.

Whether or not Nick ever confirmed that the two were in trouble, his long Twitter rant doesn't deny it either. In fact, if anything, he trots out a couple of well-worn "we're in serious shit" cliches that let you know things aren't going that well.

For one, he says,

Yes, "difficult time" is usually a euphemism for something much worse -- and no one describes a happy, solid marriage as a "difficult time."

Additionally, he said:

Yeah, whenever the most a guy can say about you is that he loves you because you're the mother of his children, well, you know you're toast.

Sooooo not sure what this Twitter rant was about except to confirm in everyone's mind that there's "trouble in paradise," even if that is a dumb phrase Nick would never use.

Does this make you more or less convinced they're in trouble (though not in paradise)?


Image via Mariah Carey/Instagram

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nonmember avatar blue

And he followed with, "I will always love her unconditionally for this and so much more. @MariahCarey is an amazing Mother and I trust her wholeheartedly." You could at least tell the whole quote, for god sakes.


Sometimes you are really dumber than a sack of hair Kiri. They're getting divorced so frankly what he said is not some pulling it out of your ass rant,it's saying don't make shit up that you don't know about. And there is nothing wrong with someone saying that they love someone because they are the mother of their children, there are plenty of men out there who could abide by that instead of killing their children because it will hurt their mother.Stop looking for shit that's non existent.

nonmember avatar Shannon

Seriously? You're going to take each of his tweets and break it down to make him sound crazy? Y'all should take a hint from what he wrote... Because spinning a "backfire" story from a kind statement is exactly the stupidness he is talking about.
"Don't worry about my life, worry about why you're worried about my life" #TRUTH

Jacee... Jacee2348

^^Agree with all 3 of the above commentors.^^ Nothing to add.....

theyc... theycallmemom4

What exactly "backfired" for him? I'd say it shows great character that no matter what, he realizes the importance of his soon-to-be-ex, if it gets that far.

nonmember avatar Char

What backfired? Seems like a civil, adult breakup.

nonmember avatar LCC

Rant? This is a rant?

FearT... FearTheRedQueen

Tomorrow on the stir... The scarecrow gets his heart!

nonmember avatar guest

she would rather him be like chris brown than be civil i guess bc that makes a better headline than an amicable divorce where there is no gossip to write, except what they make up.

sterl... sterling21

Perhaps the difficult process is them working through there problems but being accused by perfect strangers there marriage is over. I would have a hard time if people randomly said me and my hubby were getting divorced!

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