Corey Simms' Plans for Leah Calvert's Twins Should Make Her Furious

Leah Calvert and daughters

Ugh. Just when it seems like things are finally falling into place for her, In Touch magazine claims that Corey Simms is going after full custody of the twins he shares with Leah Calvert, and he plans on being pretty nasty about it.

Apparently he's all bent out of shape because Leah recently asked him for more financial help with their girls, and he doesn't want to oblige because she spends too much money as it is. (Eye roll.) Plus, she is married to Jeremy Calvert now, and he helps her out financially as well.

But it would appear as though Corey figures the best way to get back at Leah for asking for cash is to file for full custody of Ali and Aleeah, all while trying to throw her reputation under the bus in the process.


You know how poor Leah struggled with her new anxiety meds recently? Yeah, well, supposedly Corey thinks her use of the prescription drugs can be used against her to give him a leg up in court.

I'm sorry, but if any shred of this report is true, it's just plain sad.

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Leah has been through her share of challenges, but no one can argue with the fact that she's an amazing mother who loves her girls with everything that she has.

Taking Ali and Aleeah away from her would be nothing short of cruel, not only to her, but to them as well. If Corey is truly thinking about aiming for full custody, is he prepared for how hard it's going to be for those girls to live without their mother, especially for little Ali? Does he have any clue what he's in for as far as caring for her on a daily basis goes?

Hopefully this is nothing more than a vicious rumor, and Ali and Aleeah will remain with Leah, where they belong. But if Corey really does carry out this pathetic plan of revenge? He'd better hope he's in for the fight of his life, because something tells me Leah is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her children.

Do you think Corey has any grounds for gaining custody of the twins?


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