Corey Simms' Plans for Leah Calvert's Twins Should Make Her Furious

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Leah Calvert and daughters

Ugh. Just when it seems like things are finally falling into place for her, In Touch magazine claims that Corey Simms is going after full custody of the twins he shares with Leah Calvert, and he plans on being pretty nasty about it.

Apparently he's all bent out of shape because Leah recently asked him for more financial help with their girls, and he doesn't want to oblige because she spends too much money as it is. (Eye roll.) Plus, she is married to Jeremy Calvert now, and he helps her out financially as well.

But it would appear as though Corey figures the best way to get back at Leah for asking for cash is to file for full custody of Ali and Aleeah, all while trying to throw her reputation under the bus in the process.

You know how poor Leah struggled with her new anxiety meds recently? Yeah, well, supposedly Corey thinks her use of the prescription drugs can be used against her to give him a leg up in court.

I'm sorry, but if any shred of this report is true, it's just plain sad.

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Leah has been through her share of challenges, but no one can argue with the fact that she's an amazing mother who loves her girls with everything that she has.

Taking Ali and Aleeah away from her would be nothing short of cruel, not only to her, but to them as well. If Corey is truly thinking about aiming for full custody, is he prepared for how hard it's going to be for those girls to live without their mother, especially for little Ali? Does he have any clue what he's in for as far as caring for her on a daily basis goes?

Hopefully this is nothing more than a vicious rumor, and Ali and Aleeah will remain with Leah, where they belong. But if Corey really does carry out this pathetic plan of revenge? He'd better hope he's in for the fight of his life, because something tells me Leah is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her children.

Do you think Corey has any grounds for gaining custody of the twins?


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luvmy... luvmybubs

Corey has no grounds for gettng custody. Yes one time she was seen on tv having a problem with prescribed medication but she went back to the doctor and had it changed and did not continue the same behavior. Corey does not do what is best for his daughter. He would rather bury his head in the sand and act like her condition will improve or not get worse instead of trying to support her however he can. You have seen again and again that trucks and toys are more important to him than his family, it was that way even when they were married. Two hundred dollars a month for HEALTHY twin children is nothing, one child with serious medical issues that is like pennies.

tansy... tansyflower

i love the eyeroll part.  she DOES have a problem spending too much money, even her own husband cant stand it.  not that it should have anything to do with child support...but its still the truth.

nonmember avatar faffy

Maybe he just wants custody of his kids. I have never seen him be a bad father and he obviously loves his girls. If she can't financially take care of them then yes he should have them. Even her husband got mad at her for maxing out all of the credit cards. I'm sorry but I don't believe for two seconds she spends all the child support money on those kid's.

nonmember avatar Tosha

OK this is old news. This filing for more money for Leah was done on the show sometime back. These shows are not in real time. Love how the media blows stuff all out of proportion for a scoop! I will most definitely be no longer following this crap!

nonmember avatar cassie

Leah is a nasty whore. Those girls would live a better life with corey and his wife. Instead of leah buying her daughter a wheelchair she bought 2 grand worth of mary k makeup. She is a money hungry good for nothing litle girl who obviously cant handle all 3 children on top of that now stays doped up on xanex!! Pure TRASH is all she is!! I hope corey wins and jeremy gets smart and leaves and takes his daughter too!! She deserves NO FUCKING HAPPINESS for all she does is bring pain to others. Always complains and is sssooo ungrateful for all she has, disgrace to women is what she is!! She should b the one paying support corey is an amazing father anyone with a brain should feel the same!! She cheated a week b4 marrying corey with her ring on her finger for christ sake!! Anyone who agrees with her is for sure not a respectable human and has severe brain damage she is worthless!! GO COREY TAKE THAT WHORE DOWN. AND JEREMY RUN WHILE YOU CAN DUDE SHE IS SO FUCKING UGLY TOO GOOD LORD SHE IS FUGLY

nonmember avatar Momof2

In order for him to even get full custody of the twins he would have to prove Leah an unfit mother! Does she have a spending issue? Seems like it yes but has she ever neglected the well being of her children? Never. If anything she is more in touch with reality and accepting of Ali's condition than Corey is! While I don't necessarily agree that he needs to pay more, he could just take her to court fighting the increase...going for full custody to try and take her kids for no reason is just him being an ignorant asshole!!

Rochelle Allgire

He is a great father! He has grounds based on that! He doesn't have to prove her unfit, but he deserves more time with them. Leah is constantly whining about how many days a week she has them. So Corey has a solution! He knows he won't get full custody. He knows she'll settle for 50-50, he'll get more time, if not equal time, and they're be little to no child support. Maybe if she wasn't blowing thousands of dollars on a make up business, which she admitted she's not really selling much of, then she wouldn't be so broke! Her hair is always done. Her nails are always done. She's always got a newer car. This is good. Now that Corey has his new wife who can help him with them while he's working, he can do what he needs to do as their father. Leah and Jeremy both work. So it's not like they are at home with her all day and are being ripped away from her. I really hope she didn't drive herself to and from work falling alseep on those anxiety meds! But she probably did.

snick... snicks1227

Shame on her for asking for more money. He has those kids a good amount of time and is more than a great dad to those girls. Maybe she'd save money not buying horses, getting hair extensions, coloring and spending on herself. That stuff adds up. She must want all Jeremy's money plus Corey's..nasty greedy women

snick... snicks1227

Not to mention her hefty pay check from mtv...

nonmember avatar Just Me

Even if leah has a spending problem, look at what she is getting. $200 a month for 2 children. That is peanuts compared to what they use. $100 a child does not go far in this day and age. My husband pays almost $500 for 1 child for a month. We spend more than $100 on our daughter a month. Break it down to groceries (meals, snacks for both home and school), clothes, school supplies, medication if she gets sick, doctor visits, etc.... thats for a healthy child. Now add to it all the expenses for Ali. I dont think she is at all in the wrong for asking corey to help support more. Corey is just mad and wants revenge. We dont have to like Leah, but she has never been an unfit mother to get both those 2 girls taken away. So what if she is on prescription medication. That doesnt make her an unfit parent. How many people do u know that is on medication for something they cant control and also have children. Are they unfit?

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