'The View' Reveals New Hosts to Fill Jenny McCarthy & Sherri Shepherd's Seats

It's official! The View has replaced Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy, after the two were unceremoniously dumped from the lineup last spring. No hard feelings, of course. Officially.

Anyway, that left two seats empty for the daytime talk show, and ABC confirmed in a statement on Wednesday that actress Rosie Perez and political commentator Nicolle Wallace will be filling them.

The new hosts will join Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O'Donnell to discuss news and views every weekday morning, and ABC says this upcoming season will be "unlike any in recent history." The show premieres live on Monday, September 15.

Executive producer Bill Wolff added, "These are powerful and accomplished women from different walks of life who have had amazing personal and professional experiences. Each brings incredible perspective and information to the table ... this mix of smart, vibrant, and energetic women is unlike anything else on daytime television."

Well we do know at least one reason this season won't be like any other -- show creator Barbara Walters finally retired after five decades in the business. How weird is it going to be not seeing Baba Wawa on the regular anymore?

There's still no word on who will fill Walters' empty seat, but one insider told Us Weekly that execs are still searching for just the right candidate. Another source revealed what type of person they're looking for -- "ABC and production want a conservative for the final spot," they said.

The show lost Elisabeth Hasselbeck to Fox News last year, so it looks like they're going to try to bring some balance to what would otherwise be a liberal gab-fest. Ah, The View. Gotta love it.

Who would you like to see fill the final spot on The View?


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nonmember avatar American

I quit watching after Elizabeth left...that show needs balance, not Rosie O'Donnell and more liberals

nonmember avatar me

I stopped watching a while back, got tired of them always talking over each other. Plus whoopi never appealed to me. Now with rosie on board, ill be sure never to tune in again. Just don't care for her either. I actually liked Elizabeth even though I don't share most of her views and Meredith and star and joy in the good old days

nonmember avatar Sandy

Oh boy I liked last year's season of the view bc Elizabeth wasn't on it. And now you have picked up her clone since she left to go to Fox news that's where they all belong. I doubt she will last I'd think most people aren't interested in hearing their hateful comments.

nonmember avatar meghan

Anything is better than Elizabeth Hasselbeck when she starts screeching.

nonmember avatar Lila

If THE VIEW is looking for a "conservative" to replace Hasselbeck -- why? Your so-called "liberal" gab fest just means intelligent discussion -- Why spoil that with a Hasselbeck type???

nonmember avatar christie

I agree a "liberal" gab fest is much more enjoyable tv than Republican pundits. I'm a registered republican.. but have not understood the reasoning of the far right for years.

They just whine about Pres. OBAMA. .and have no logical ideas. Whoopi is great.. If you have another Elizabeth coming.. I'm going to have to plug my ears or change the channel!!!

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