'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Jenelle Evans' Fight With Mom Shows How Much She's Grown

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Is anyone chilly just yet? I'm pretty sure hell may have frozen over because I'm starting to agree with Jenelle Evans' parenting perspective. Now before you start the backlash, no, that's not a mistake or a horrible typo. After tonight's episode of Teen Mom 2, I'm pretty sure Jenelle has got this whole parenting thing down.

As we've been following this season, little Jace seems to be having some behavioral issues. He's acting up, misbehaving, and is generally naughty, according to Jenelle's mom, Barbara. But when Jenelle confronts her mom about it and tells her he's doing it because Babs screams at him, it's hard not to agree.


Sure, the Evans ladies haven't always had the best temper. Barbara and Jenelle have had their very fair share of fights. But boy, have the tables turned.

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Jenelle's said, over and over again, that she doesn't want to yell and fight with Nathan in front of her kids because it reminds her of her childhood (yes, they also haven't been perfect). But when she points out to Barbara that Jace isn't being honest and acts out because Barbara yells at him, it seems like she's finally figured it out. So major props to Jenelle.

Plus, she was finally granted a divorce from Courtland Rogers, so overall, great episode for Jenelle.

As for Kailyn Lowry, the show also brought some great moments, especially Javi finally coming home. Sure, she had to deal with Lincoln's and Isaac's simultaneous meltdowns, but girl handled it like a champ. Then she gloriously went and picked up her husband at the airport. Now that's ***flawless work.

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Chelsea Houska, meanwhile, continues to deal with the perils of co-parenting. Adam has (once again) broken up with his latest baby mama, Taylor, and Chelsea has heard all about it. Not only that, but he's already introduced his new girlfriend, Jessica, to both of his daughters. Quick moving there, man. But it seems like Chelsea isn't fazed much by his moves. She herself wants a boyfriend (is this a precursor to the hottie we've seen her with?) but doesn't want to give up time with Aubree. Single mom struggles at their core.

Finally, Leah Calvert showed how hard it is to communicate with an ex. Corey Simms, the twins' dad, hasn't been that responsive about child support and Ali's wheelchair needs. So Leah decides to take it all on. She goes to her lawyer and demands another look at the child support agreement and files to get control over Ali's medical rights. Watch out for next week, though, because this one will get interesting.

Whom do you side with? Jenelle or Barbara?

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