Kendall Jenner in '50 Shades of Grey' Movie Sequel? Yes, Please!

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Kendall Jenner

Get. Out. Of. TOWN, people! We probably shouldn't get our hopes up quite yet, but if the new rumor about Kendall Jenner starring in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie sequel are true, we should totally throw a party or something.

Yes, I said Kendall Jenner might be cast in the sequel to next year's most highly anticipated film. This could very well skyrocket her career into the next dimension if it becomes a reality.

According to Grazia magazine, she's already in talks with agents, and director Sam Taylor-Wood is a fan of hers. Supposedly she's even had a meeting with the peeps over at Universal, and it "went really well."

As for who Kendall will wind up playing in the film if she's given a spot? A source reportedly said, "It wouldn’t be a major role but would certainly be a foot in the door of Hollywood. Apparently, she'll only sign on once Sam Taylor-Wood is confirmed as the director."

(Whatever. You know she'll do it regardless of who the director is.)

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OMG. I wonder if she's being considered for anything remotely steamy in the film? Despite her young age, you know mom Kris Jenner probably wouldn't hesitate to let Kendall do whatever she damn well pleases on the big screen.

There will no doubt be all sorts of controversy if Kendall is cast in the flick, and when it comes to reality TV, the bigger the scandal, the better.

This could seriously be huge, people.

Do you think Kendall deserves a spot in the Fifty Shades sequel?


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nonmember avatar nadia

Who will she play????

Karen Dawson

Keep the Kardashians away from 50 Shades of Grey.

Marcy Haecker

Her mother is a hore so I guess she would get the job. As you said her mother would be fine with her playing a very sexy role .

Wynter Bartlett

NOOOOOOOO!!Don't ruin a good thing!!

nonmember avatar Carole

I can see her playing Leila .... Christians last sub, she was crazy!!

nonmember avatar amy

Hell NO!

nonmember avatar Paty

If they keep this stupid director, she will ruined the sequel, she already give dakota a role because of her friendship with her mother and now is going to put a kardashian, seriously, this movie is becoming a big joke, no quality star will ever be in

nonmember avatar sandy

Oh, for Pete's sake. You say, "skyrocket," I say, "nose dive, crash landing, BOMB!" (And "highly anticipated?" Really?)

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