Robert Pattinson's New Girlfriend FKA Twigs Is NOTHING Like Kristen Stewart!


Robert Pattinson FKA Twigs

Holy smokes! It's finally happened, people. According to Us Weekly, Robert Pattinson is dating FKA Twigs, and he's been seeing her for a few weeks now.

(No, that's not her real name. It's actually Tahliah Debrett Barnett.)

Supposedly Rob and the English singer were introduced by mutual friends and "bonded over their love of music." Now they're all sorts of into each other and OMG what is Kristen Stewart going to think about this?!?

I mean, he must be pretty enamored with this chick if he walked around with her in broad daylight and wasn't the least bit concerned about the paparazzi snapping pictures of the two of them, right?

(OMG. This is major, people.)

And as far as the gal who finally managed to snag Rob's heart goes, a source says, "Tahliah thinks he is unbelievably handsome."

Duh. Of course she does. Who doesn't think Rob is easy on the eyes? (Gah.)

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I know we probably shouldn't start planning the wedding just yet or anything like that, but it is pretty exciting to think about Rob finally moving on from Kristen once and for all. Don't you think it's about high time he dove head first back into the dating pool? I know their split was pretty heartbreaking, but there comes a point where you have to leave the past in the past and move forward with someone new.

And this Tahliah gal seems 100 percent different from KStew, which could be a good thing for sure. (You know, since she's a musician versus an actor, and she's British.)

It will be interesting to see where this relationship goes in the coming months. If this thing turns serious, we're going to have to come up with a fun name for FKA Twigs and Rob. Hmm. Twigpatz has a nice right to it, don't you think?

Are you excited about Rob's new gal?


Image via Steffman-Turgeon/Splash News

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Kendra Jones

The fact that he was photographed out with a woman, by the way there were two other guy friends with, tells me this is crap. I don't care about him and k getting back together but he has always kept his private life on the DL.

nonmember avatar Blitz

Last week it was Dakota's friend now it's this chick so what?? WTF you gotta bring Kristen's name in it? Lave them alone

Valeriya Abrahamova

.......i am not interested in such sort of things any more,....just leave them alone,..they have right to have private life,...he is young,..& if he has another ten girlfriends - i'll not be surprised,...don't forget - they are actors, they fall in love with their movie partners in every new movie,..they(actors) marry, later they divorce,..later they marry again,...on & on...&on...


Bella Perez-Cullen

sorry i dont believe him & her are together ! wow a pic of him walking down the street next to her but i'm sorry if they were together then why was they not holding hands or even walking close together ! it's bull i will never believe it! don't know why ppl can't leave robsten alone they are together just keeping a tight lid on it so damn ppl & paz will leave them the hell alone

Amelie Ruiz

avec cette fille !!! y a fait une erreur de casting c est pas son genre
kristen est trop belle

Wileen Byroads

Well this is what happens when you cut off your nose to spite the face!sticking out tongue

Jo Cook Beth Cook

blank stareI really feel bad for Kristen. They knock her out of SWATH.  Now this. What I do not understand is  why are so many people are out to destroy her. Then, it is this alleged affair with this man who said he was in love with her before he could legally touch her. (Sanders, the pervert director)All of this took place 2-3 years ago and Robert still hasn't forgiven her.  He was living in her house. I do hope that he is enough of a gentleman not to sleep with his new girlfriend in Kristen's bed.  Everybody blames Kristen however, Robert made a statement that puzzled me and I quote "there is incest all over Hollywood"? Incest or cheating.

1-9 of 9 comments