The Heartbreaking Personal Drama That's Destroying Tamra Judge (VIDEO)

real housewives orange county

Wowza. I heard you all loud and clear that I didn't devote enough of last week's episode to The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion special, so for part 2 of season 9, I have a whole episode below! From Vicki Gunvalson removing her invisible gloves to Heather Dubrow's explanation for why she sounds so condescending, there's LOTS to discuss today.

I really felt that this season 9 reunion was the most honest and deepest digging experience we've seen from the Orange County ladies. I appreciated the way Vicki and Tamra moved from content covered on the show to behind-the-scenes shenanigans at the speed of light, which made Lizzie Rovsek very confused indeed. In today's video below I discuss the biggest beef between Tamra and Vicki, and why viewers could be forgiven for not quite getting it until this episode.

Shannon Beador dropped a bomb that's never gone off before in Housewives history. Do you believe her? Doing RHOC saved her marriage? From the perspective of one who's been there, done that, I break down how that could have happened. What goes on when you look AWFUL on the show? How does that affect your marriage and do you have to make a choice between the show and your life? I give you all that and more in today's show below.

real housewives orange county, tamra judge

Finally, it's Tamra's turn. This must have been the worst season ever for her. Truly. I break all that down, from off-screen problems that probably affected her filming schedule this season to a little armchair psychoanalysis. Watch now and tell me whether you agree!

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Do you feel bad for Tamra?


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zoeys... zoeysmom711

Much better this week and thank you. 

Tamra has been manipulative and miserable to others since she first arrived so I discount the custody "battle".  I think she is jealous of anyone getting more air time than she.  C'mon the robo baby was the stupidest bit ever and the producers chose to run that at the Reunion? 


Peggy Harper

Tamra is foul mouthed, nasty, person who does stir the pot and loves trouble. she is a liar and I don't think I would want my children around her either. Maybe Simon is doing what he thinks is best for his children.

Sheryl Thomas

Tamra screwed up when she announced she would never be fired! She is arrogant and I think her time is up....and if Bravo does not fire her then they are validating her claims, producers not letting her call in a timely manner for Lizzy's party etc...she did this all to herself.

Patricia Smith Collins

I think Tamra has hardened to the point that it's seeping out of the pores of her face...poor thing..I also think that she needs glasses and/or contacts, but is too vain to wear them..thus the squinting of her eyes. This ads to the already pursed lips and her coming across as cra-cra.
I've already heard that she nor Lizzy will be back next season. Please see if this information is valid.
Love your videos, are very good at this!
A fan,
Patricia C.

nonmember avatar loretta

Tamra needs to go, she is a liar and drama queen - Heather and hubby need to go to - Heather is such a nasty, condescending person and Terry follows her lead. I watched the episode where Vicki had the bali dinner party and the way heather and terry went off on shannon and david, pathetic, and to think he is so much better cause he's a dr, what an asswhole.

krisi... krisidiot

I will never feel sorry for Tamra, she's lies. and keep everyone on edge...hopefully Heather will stop being for lap dog, for some strange reason Heather and her Husband did not look good this season. his remark about the comment that Shannon's husband made about Heather were digging for straws or relevancy, Eddie's comment was much worse. Tamra is evil

Tauna Gravel Calise

Not feeling sorry for Tamra. She has used the excuse of being unhappy before when defending why she is a "mean girl". I did not get to know Lizzy enough to know if I like her but Shannon is a keeper for sure! Oh, and we have a name for men like Terry. It's called a douche!

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