Jill Duggar's Weird Pregnancy Cravings Show She Takes After Her Mom

Jill Duggar, Derick DillardJill Duggar didn't exactly surprise anyone with her announcement last month that she's in the family way. We were all but expecting it, since she and her new hubby Derick Dillard have made no secret about the fact that they'd like to have a large family just like her parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

The 19 Kids and Counting star may have raised a few eyebrows with her timing, given that she famously shared her first kiss on her wedding just two months earlier, and usually people like to wait until they're out of the first trimester to announce anything, but to each their own. Jill may have felt like she was in the "safe zone" however, because she recently revealed that she's been having some pretty serious morning sickness.

In an interview with ABC, Jill confessed, "I've been having a lot of morning sickness ... they should call it 'pregnancy sickness' because it's all day, but I'm feeling good today! I'm thanking God for this little life and the good signs. It's well worth it."

Awww! She probably feels the way a lot of moms-to-be feel -- never been so happy to feel so miserable. In the early stages of pregnancy, before you're showing or feeling baby tumble about, feeling sick can be a great reassurance that baby is sticking around for awhile.

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While it's her first pregnancy, Jill has had plenty of experience from an outside perspective, both in training to be a midwife, and by happenstance of being one of the oldest of 19 kids. She's watched her mom go through a pregnancy or two, to say the least, and she's finding that pregnancy cravings might be genetic.

"[Like my mother, I crave] things that are more sour to settle [my] stomach," she said, citing things like "dill pickles, lemon with salt, or lemon juice with water or salt." She added, "I like cold things [too]. I don't like a lot of hot meals right now but I do try to get protein every two hours."

It sounds like Derick has been a dream to have around, and he's doing his part to dote on his baby mama. Jill shared that he keeps a "pregnancy bag" stocked up with her favorite treats, so when she needs a bite of something, it's right there for her. What a sweetheart!

Do you think Jill Duggar should have waited longer to announce her pregnancy?


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nonmember avatar Betsy

There's something strange about that guy. I can't quite put my finger on it, though.

Babyh... Babyhater

And so she begins on her career as a breeder. What an accomplished young woman...

nonmember avatar Heather Lester

Babyhater: Yes she IS an accomplished young woman. She chose a field of midwifery and will be a midwife. Both she and Derrick share a passion for humanitarianism so I'm sure this will come in handy while she and her husband and their children are abroad helping where they can. How on earth someone can hate on a girl who waited until her wedding day to even share a kiss and is lovingly carrying his child now is beyond me. They have strong beliefs and we get it. YOU DON'T SHARE THEIR BELIEFS. Just like I probably don't share yours. You don't see me calling you out do you. Keep your snit to yourself.

Betty Landesman

I'm happy for them. It's her family and her choice. God bless them.

lemay25 lemay25

I love there show :) ♡♡♡ congratulations guys ♡♡♡

jec72579 jec72579

I don't share their beliefs in their god, and all that, but I have to say, I love this whole family. The values that the family has are unbelievable. They are such good, caring people, and I think that anyone that has  anything negative to say about them really doesn't know what they're talking about.

nonmember avatar Tina

Yes she should have waited until 12 weeks anything can happen .

miasm... miasmommy21407

I never waited until 12 weeks to share our news because I HAVE had a miscarriage and having to tell family that I was pregnant but the baby was gone all in one day sucked. I'm close to my family and I know I would want/need family support if I ever miscarried again. I don't think her telling people early is all the unusual!

Nicole Barnett

I shared my baby news (with the family) the day I found out I was pregnant... week 4... now my daughter is 13 months and driving me batty with her monkey skills (I swear that girl can climb anything). I'm not saying you shouldn't wait to announce you're pregnant, I'm saying its a personal choice... and those who are griping saying that she shared the news too soon, Its her decision!!

nonmember avatar Megahn

I don't understand why anyone's opinion about what she does with her life matters. She's pregnant, she's over the moon about it.. they're happy. They're not doing anything wrong so why all the hate??

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