Juan Pablo Galavis Breaks Nikki Ferrell's Heart in New Season of 'Couples Therapy' (VIDEO)

juan pablo, nikki ferrellIt's been months since he enraged women worldwide on The Bachelor, but Juan Pablo Galavis is still breaking hearts. Actually, just one. That would be his so-called winner Nikki Ferrell. The couple is now starring on VH1's Couples Therapy, and from the look of this explosive clip, things are not going well for the pair.

Their romance has been plagued with rumors from the start -- but the guessing game is over. The new show reveals exactly what is going on with the romance, and boy is it a disaster.

The clip shows one particularly explosive moment when JP explains why he STILL can't say "I love you," despite the fact they have been an item for a year. According to him, "I don't love her yet because that is something more important to Latin people. It's a different culture."

It's clear he is not in love with her -- hell, he says as much. But before you weep for Nikki, get a load of this: according to the other housemates, she's a total spoiled "bitch." Usually, I avoid this show, but I have to say it looks like a crazy, hot mess, must-watch this season. All of the couples are complete train wrecks. Will be interesting to see if any of them actually come out on the other end as still a couple.

Take a look:

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Do you think Juan Pablo and Nikki will stay together?


Image via Nikki Ferrell/Instagram

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Baile... Bailey8307

Not surprised about Nikki based on some if the mean things she's said or tweeted she seems awful. I will watch for the drama though!

nonmember avatar Chari

From the grapevine...I hear Juan does say he loves her and possibly proposes

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