Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith Put Kaiser at Risk in 'Cute' New Photo

Jenelle Evans Nathan Griffith

Breaking news, you guys. Jenelle Evans's boyfriend and baby daddy Nathan Griffith posted a picture on the Internet of his adorable son Kaiser, and now he's obviously the worst father ever. You know, because the Teen Mom 2 stars have a history of not being very good parents, it means that they are forever doomed to be labeled as crappy caregivers.

In the photo, Kaiser is sleeping next to his half-brother Jace (Jenelle's firstborn), and the two are posed almost identically. It's super sweet, but because a lot of baby "rules" are broken, the commenters went wild.

Nathan posted this photo, with the caption, "Wow!!! You can tell they are definitely brothers!"

Now let's play What's Wrong With This Photo. Don't worry, we have lots of help from the comments.

There's a pillow. Blankets. THE BABY IS SLEEPING NEXT TO A CELLPHONE. ZOMG!! Someone mentioned that Kai is at risk for SIDS because of all of this.

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Oyza. It's a picture of a moment. It's not like Nathan and Jenelle put Kaiser and Jace in the same bed all night together. That would be a dumb idea for a 4-year-old and a newborn. But this looks like Mom and Dad's bed, and I'm willing to bet there were some early morning snuggles going on and both boys fell back asleep. In the same position. Because they're adorable.

But you know, shame on Nathan for snapping a picture of it.

Do you think Kaiser is in danger in this photo?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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Tammy Richardson

I know she has not always been the best mother but give her a break. There is someone standing right there in the first place, someone had to take the pic in the second place. She seems to be doing a lot better as a mother and I think she needs to be given a chance!!

nonmember avatar Danielle

Yes, if left like this he is in danger... like none of us have pictures of us "endangering" our kids... stop looking for the bad in people... this pictures is nothing

Jennifer L Hancock

Oh please, its a snap shot!!!!! give Janelle and Nathan a break. 

nonmember avatar ashley

No I've done that before it's cute and as log as he was in the room I see no problem in it

nonmember avatar Mellanie Robert

Oh give them a break already!! Everyone is going to talk crap about them regardless!! I'm sure they know not to let their baby boy sleep like that without supervision!! Leave them alone already!!

nonmember avatar Raphaela

Oh please I slept with my son while he was a newborn he is fine and a healthy 4 year old boy I'm sure the baby wasn't left like that all night people need to chill out mistakes happen looks like she is cleaning up her life and people should mind their business it's her baby and how she wants to raise him or anything else is her choice it's her baby no judgement needed everyone does it different and thinks differently don't have anything nice to say then you shouldn't say anything

Count... Countrygirl0510

So stupid. I have took the same kind of picture with my children.

Misty Myers


raven... ravensmom918

Ppl its just a picture lighten up

nonmember avatar madismom86

Leave them alone!! There's absolutely nothing wrong with it!!

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