Prince William & Kate Middleton's Recent Outing Was Extremely Dangerous

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Prince William and Kate Middleton

Could you imagine President Obama taking the subway in Chicago? Or First Lady Michelle Obama taking her morning jog on the streets of New York City? Utter chaos would probably ensue, because let’s face it, the people running our country usually don’t take public transportation and, quite honestly, they shouldn’t.

Across the pond, it looks like Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting some pretty harsh criticism for doing just that while going underground with their latest travel arrangements

Just last week, both Prince William and Kate Middleton were spotted taking the train at King’s Cross Station in London like a regular couple on the run. The Prince wore jeans while the Duchess tried to hide her face with a baseball cap. And while these two think it’s cute to try to fit in with the “commoners,” I’m not buying it.

Prince William is the Future King of England and him riding the train is a HUGE security threat. I mean, who knows what kind of craziness can go down if a royal looney tried to get too close to the couple. Plus, there’s a good chance that Wills and Kate had to send their entire protective detail down there to guard them before sending their bill to the British taxpayers. Surely this was planned, as I highly doubt they decided to take the train on a whim to get home. I can only imagine how difficult it was to get a seat on that train with their security team nearby. Now that I think about it, I would have been pissed to be on the same train as them. They are targets!

Simply put, Prince William and Kate Middleton need to stop this whole “We’re just like you!” charade. It’s very disrespectful toward the British public, who spend their hard earned pounds to support their royal lifestyles. Prince William and Kate need to make up their minds here, as they can’t carry around royal titles and still act like average folks when they want to. Sorry, but you can’t have the best of both worlds.

What do you think of Prince William and Kate Middleton's subway ride?

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Sue Green

It's impossible to try to be normal like others. Their life is in a fishbowl just like the celebrities. Can't hide. They are being silly trying to hide their faces... and I agreed with you what you said in the last paragraph! Most celebrities in Calif or NY keep their cool most of the time front of photographers and act normal and ignore as much as possible.

Dianne Bee

Oh for goodness sakes! let them be, if they want to experience taking a train ride together..let em! They have a right to enjoy life as anyone else does and if that includes a train ride, so be it!

Mary Holliday

I think this article is making a mountain out of a molehill!


nonmember avatar toto

its their life they can do what ever the hell they want bout title?! what are they prisoners now to their title. thats like saying its impossible to be a commoner and try to live the big life...its thier life they make thier decisions they call the shots they do what ever the hell they want to do they have one life to live let them live it to the fullest if they were are royaly hoity toity you would be criticising them there is just not way to please u haters kmt.

Geri Wilkinson Phillips

Oh my gosh,,, it's not like they broke any law,, lighten up a little,, I am sure they both take their responsibility seriously,,, they are in the spot light 24/7 to have a little harmless fun,, come on,,,

Maurice Williams

I am from the USA and I love the Royal Family. I think it is nice and should be respected that they took the subway to be among the people as the article says to see and feel what the regular people go through. I wish some of our government leaders here in the USA would do the same thing so they can see how the ordinary man lives and not side with the few 1% of the population. I am certain if the price was snooty and looked down at riding the subway you would be writing a whole different story so give them break.

nonmember avatar jade

ya they can do whatever they want BUT why do they spend sooo much money and never work, laziest couple ever!

CDNwa... CDNwatcher

Any experience they think they are having is unreal. Give them rush hour, paying while holding up the line, stand not sit, a homeless person eyeing Kate to the point she feels uncomfortable. Etc...

Royals are not free to do as they please. Their lives are those of the people and if they want to pretend to play "commoner" I suggest they watch video surveillance of the subway in the comfort and safety of their castle.

Margaret Shanahan

Very well said !! You are wright , but you see the problem is William's wife she want to be normal and that is not possible when you marry a royal !!!!!

nonmember avatar Kristie

YOU'RE NOT BUYING IT?? Who cares what you're buying. Somehow I think you would be just as pissy if they were escorted by limo! SHUT UP!!!!!

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