Kim Kardashian's Leather Dress Is So Tight She's Bursting Out of It (PHOTO)

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Kim Kardashian

Damn. She may have attended the Made in America festival to watch her hubby Kanye West perform, but man -- Kim Kardashian's skin-tight leather dress certainly stole the show.

Turning up in ridiculously snug outfits is kind of her specialty and all, but there are tight dresses, and then there are tight leather dresses, which make it difficult to breathe merely by thinking about them.

Oh, and did I mention in addition to how well this thing hugged Kim's curves, she also happened to be practically spilling out of the top of it?

Yep. Check it out.

Whoa. The frock totally fits like a glove, but it just fits, especially as far as the top half is concerned.

OMG. While Kim definitely looked sexy as hell, it's hard not to wonder if she was incredibly uncomfortable the entire night. I mean, didn't it get kind of hot under all that material?

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I'm sure that while she felt confident about her appearance at the festival, Kim probably couldn't wait to retire for the evening and unzip that thing. Oh come on, think about how great it feels to take your bra off at the end of the day and then multiply it by about 100, and that's probably how relieved Kim was at the end of the night. (And I'm sure Kanye wasn't exactly complaining either. Ahem.)

What do you think of Kim's leather dress?


Image via XactpiX/Splash News



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nonmember avatar Melissa WB

I LOVE her dress.. in fact anything Kim Kardashian wears is pretty much flawless! She's one of my favorite fashion icons and she's a very classy lady! Well done Kim!

Van Ly

Trophy wife can get away with anything ,,,,

Chris Rand

Very hot and exotic

nonmember avatar cyndi

Classy? Hot and exotic? Oh puh..leeze! This trashy ho wouldn't know class if it jumped up and bit her on her big, fat, a$$! Is everyone on this site now a "Kiss ass fot KarTRASHian"?? Lol. 😶

nonmember avatar Karl

10 pounds of blubber in a 5 pound purse

nonmember avatar Dismalhead

That's just her natural skin she's putting back on. Moo.

nonmember avatar mm

Her sister next to her looks so much better and classier and cuter, just for the fact that she looks chic and comfortable and NOT like she's trying WAY TOO HARD! That's so much sexier than encasing yourself in leather to the extent that you look like you can't breathe or sit down.

Joey Williams

she is whore woman fuzzy nutty

Sandy Williams

If I were kanye ( of which i am not) would i ever let her out of the house looking like this. You are dressing like a tramp, If i were kim i would dress like a well dressed women. You do not have to let your tatas out out all time. Kim should go to the school that teaches how to dress a full figured woman would go to. Ask someone like halle Berry or Angelina Jolie would go to.

nonmember avatar Alchyan

Is it really that important?

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