Kendall Jenner's Ice Bucket Challenge Is a Little Too Sexy (VIDEO)

kendall jenner

Weeks ago, Kylie Jenner took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and nominated her sister, Kendall, to do the same. Technically, you're only supposed to have 24 hours to complete the challenge, but here we are, almost a month later, and Kendall is finally getting around to her Ice Bucket Challenge. (It's all right, we'll chalk it up to the fact that she travels a lot for her modeling career.)

I'm sure by this point, most of you are sick of all the Ice Bucket Challenges -- I mean, there are 20 new celebs doing it each day. But. Two noteworthy things about Kendall's IBC: One, she looks unbelievable in the tiny pink string bikini she wore in her video (duh); and two, whom Kendall decided to nominate is kind of interesting. Looks like she might be closer with some sisters than others ...

Check out Kendall's Ice Bucket Challenge:

Kind of interesting how Kendall chose to nominate her half-sister Kourtney, and not Kim or Khloe. (Note: Kim was actually nominated by Sarah Jessica Parker weeks ago [I know, weird], and she never took it on; and Khloe was nominated by Kylie, as well, but again, no dice.) I wonder if Kourtney will do the challenge? My money's on yes.

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My only hope? That somebody nominates Kanye next. Who wouldn't love to see him, pouty face and all, get a bucket of water dumped on his head for a good cause? It's all on you, Kourt!

Do you think Kourtney will take the Ice Bucket Challenge?


Image via Kendall Jenner/Instagram



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needa... needadvice1983

Too sexy? Seriously? She's in a freaking bikini. Get over it. Many people have done the ice bucket challenge in bathing suits. It makes sense seeing as how you get wet! Good lord your writers are idiots.

Jennifer Pushee

ok she did i my eyes kendall is just be her self she might like to have a life with out allp[obbisaty

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