Kate Middleton's 'Incognito Look' at Train Station Is Adorable & Hilarious (PHOTO)


kate middleton

Typically, whenever we see Kate Middleton -- be it at a royal function or when she's "off-duty," walking her dog or grocery shopping or whatever -- she looks, well, like Kate. She may not always be dolled up and have her hair and makeup done, but she rarely tries to disguise or hide herself, as so many other famous folk do. But on Saturday, when she and Prince William arrived at a train station in London, they both tried to go incognito.

The royal couple didn't go as far as donning masks or wigs or fake mustaches, but they totally tried to slip under the radar with their glasses and baseball caps. Nice try, Duke and Duchess. You get an "E" for effort, but people will spot you two from a mile away. Check "incognito" William and Kate out:

The couple were apparently returning from a trip they took to Norfolk on Friday, and although their son, Prince George, didn't appear to be with them, their cute pup, Lupo, was (dead give-away!). According to reports, the pair dashed through the busy train station, like any other couple, but attempted not to be noticed -- hence, the baseball caps and averted glances.

It's super cool that, yet again, Prince William and Kate Middleton are proving they're "just like us" by traveling by train like millions of other people. But, unless the royal couple starts pulling out the wigs, masks, and fake moustaches, they're going to be kinda hard to miss. Sorry, guys!

What do you think of Kate and Wiliam's "incognito" looks?


Image via Splash News

kate middleton


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nonmember avatar stella

geez! They look soooo rough, yep they are royals they should look well put together, like the european counterparts are always so stylish even when playing with their kids, lazie katie and baldy willy look hideous!

nonmember avatar sue

lazie katies hands look like my grandmothers hands yikes!!

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