Jenny McCarthy & Donnie Wahlberg's Wedding Was NOT What We Expected

Jenny McCarthy Donnie Wahlberg

Well? It's official. Former New Kids on the Block heartthrob Donnie Wahlberg married Jenny McCarthy yesterday in St. Charles, Illinois, which just happens to be her hometown.

The ceremony took place at Hotel Baker, a historic property, and yes, three of Donnie's old boy band members were in attendance. Jordan Knight, Danny Wood, and Jonathan Knight all managed to make the trip to support their friend, which is definitely more than we can say for Donnie's brother, Mark Wahlberg.

(Seriously, can you believe he skipped out on the wedding? What the hell?)

So far there aren't too many details out there about the ceremony or reception, but get this one -- Jenny's wedding dress was supposedly off the rack. (You gotta love it.)

Yep. She apparently bought it at Bergdorf Goodman in July. And while you can't see her too well in this photo, it does look like she was nothing short of stunning in the gown.

Jenny McCarthy wedding

Given the fact that Jenny doesn't exactly take herself too seriously, we can only imagine what a rockin' party this little shin-dig was. (OMG. I wonder if Donnie got up and sang with the guys? That would've been pretty bitchin'.)

And don't you love how ... normal this wedding seems? You know, in the sense that it wasn't totally celeb over-the-top indulgent?

Love her or hate her, you gotta love how down-to-earth Jenny is. It's obvious that she couldn't be more thrilled to marry the love of her life, so it's impossible not to share in her joy a little.

Congrats to the happy couple, and best wishes for a long, lasting marriage!

Are you happy for Jenny and Donnie?


Images via ©Parisa/Splash News; Kevin Crowley/Splash News

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nonmember avatar Tammi

No she's an idiot. I used to tolerate her and enjoyed her pregnancy books but after the can of worms she opened with autism I just can't stand her anymore. BTW Donnie's mother wasn't there either. That should tell you something!

Paike... Paikea1974

I'm so annoyed that celebs who are dating or marrying again always describe their new love ' the love of their lives'. What were your previous husbands/wives then? A try-out???

nonmember avatar carla Lovell

First of all, Donnie is not a FORMER New Kids on the Block member. NKOTB has been back together and touring, very successfully, since 2008. Secondly, Joey McIntyre was there, you can see him in some of the pics out already.

I don't like to criticize, but it seems like NO research went into this "article" at all. Why even write it if you're not going to do ANY research??? Pathetic.

Delores Barthold

I am not crazy about her but Donnie was my fav from the New kids on the block I would love to meet him someday .

Ruby Steele

So happy for her; she was the reason I watched the View, and won't watch it anymore.  Wish her the best; she deserves it.

kbntaej kbntaej

"down to earth"? Lmao ummmmkkkkkk.

nonmember avatar nunya

So many people hating like you know her! How can you talk crap about somebody you don't even know?! Must be that jealousy settling in!

puggy... puggylove10

No, bitch took my man...lmao!!

nonmember avatar M

No, I do not wish Jenny happiness or love. She used her celebrity for evil and no I won't forgive her. Her perpetuation of the vaccine-autism myth makes her personally responsible for a large percentage of the measles outbreaks, for the unvaccinated children susceptible to disease who in turn affect other children. Jenny is a horrible person and I hope she doesn't procreate again.

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