'Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' Recap: We Totally Approve of Morgan Stewart's Girlfriend Skills

morgan stewart and brendan fitzpatrick Ugh, sometimes I cannot accept how perfect I find Morgan Stewart to be. This week on The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills she reminded me yet again of her awesomeness by being basically the best girlfriend ever born. I was so resentful of this that I Googled "Morgan Stewart fat". Alas, the results were just photos of her in bikinis looking fabulous and probably saying witty things. I want her to write a book so that I can make a big deal about not buying it and then secretly buy it anyway because I'm duplicitous and scandalous like that.

This week Morgan's adorable (and equally hilarious) boyfriend Brendan Fitzpatrick was celebrating his birthday. Unfortunately there wasn't enough Moet in the world to put him in good spirits (do rich people drink Moet? No? It's Veuve isn't it? #podontknow). He was feeling really down about his looks. To be specific, he was feeling embarrassed about his receding hairline. Morgan tackled this issue with classic aplomb and humor.


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Basically I have decided to make my own dog costume, don it, and sneak into their home under the guide of being Morgan's dog Baguette. Too weird? It was too weird. Let's move on (hides carefully drafted dog-costume planner in her desk). This was all by way of saying that I find them both to be great.

When Brendan approached Morgan with his follicle-based trepidation, she was totally supportive. She made lots of suggestions while making it crystal clear that she loves him just the way he is. Morgan asked the perfect question: "What will make you happy?" This let Brendan open up and admit that he wanted to look into getting a hair transplant. 

After an awesome consultation, Brendan wasn't just excited he was stoked (I know, I know, passe slang. But I can use it because of my last name). He went from hiding from his friends eager to take pictures to plotting the captions for his next Instagram shot. These two make a killer duo. I want to be them when I grow up. Or, as we've established, their dog. 

What would you say if your husband or boyfriend came to you worried about the way they looked?


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