'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Recap: Scott Disick's Baby-Panic Makes Perfect Sense

keeping up with the kardashians Tonight, those of us who keep up with the Kardashians were rewarded. The entire clan was making ready to journey forth into Paris for the grand union of the celestial being known to us as Kimye. I kind of wish they had hired their own ancient mahogany seafaring vessel to ferry them across the ocean. I also wish that said imaginary vessel had been helmed by Norsemen, but, my desires are neither here nor there. Even a crew of men who looked like they'd maybe escaped the pages of Beowulf couldn't have distracted attention away from Kourtney Kardashian's big announcement -- she's pregnant! Yup, baby number three was announced tonight!


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Guess who didn't take the news well? Scott Disick. He's notoriously slow to warm to the notion of his wife being up the duff, so I kind wasn't surprised to see him shut down a bit when he finally got the news. Kourt certainly didn't make things easier for herself by, you know, getting intentionally pregnant without telling him and then waiting weeks to share the good news. Yeah, not so smooth a move, KoKa. 

When Scott took off for an appearance gig in Mexico and fell off the grid, we were supposed to feel badly for Kourtney. But, I couldn't shake off this lingering feeling of sympathy for Scott Disick. I know, it was weird. It was like waking up one morning and deciding to get a mullet because it's just "more you." It's unspeakably out of character, and I hope none of you ever have to experience such a brutal shock to the system.

Scott's been through a lot, of which he AND his other in-laws remind Kourtney. The guy lost both his parents, which is hard enough, but in such a close span of time? This isn't just a baby, this is a grand-baby they will never know. Of course he's buggin'! I mean, I started getting worried about reproducing whilst typing that sentence -- because being confronted with your own mortality is the worst!

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian
(what I imagine everyday is like for these two)










Kourtney needs to be more honest with Scott. I don't just mean, you know, TELLING him when he fertilizes one of her eggs. Truth and upfront-ness (totally a thing) should apply to every aspect of their lives. Kourtney's plan to move the family to the Hamptons for the summer came from a sweet place, but because she didn't explain her reasons fully to Scott (to help him find the space he needed to grieve) she was met with resistance. For a couple I (weirdly) think will be together forever they still genuinely seem to struggle when it comes to knowing to talk to each other.

What did you think about how Scott took the baby news?


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