Miley Cyrus Breaks Her Silence About Liam Hemsworth

Before she became the Queen of Twerk, Miley Cyrus was a young woman who was very much in love and in a committed relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth. The two kids were adorable together -- they were spotted out and about doing everything from boring chores to attending Red Carpet events.

And they weren't just messing around. They were in L-O-V-E -- so much so that he proposed to Miley with an insane 3.5-carat ring. But things didn't work out between these two and they eventually called it quits. We considered them totally kaput -- until Miley recently dropped a bomb that makes us wonder if these two lovebirds will make it work.


Almost exactly one year after they called off their engagement, Miley said the following to an interviewer from Australia's Sunday Night TV show: "I love Liam; Liam love me."

Pretty straightforward, wouldn't you agree?

Now, we should keep in mind that neither Liam nor Miley has moved on since their breakup. Sure, they've both probably been on dates because they're young, good-looking, and famous enough to score a casual date every time they leave the house. But we have yet to hear about another person stealing one of their hearts after they spent about four years in an on-again, off-again relationship that resulted in them sharing a home in Los Angeles.

For crying out loud, when it came time to bring a date to this year's VMA's, Miley brought a homeless young man named Jesse Helt -- who we later found out happened to have an open warrant for his arrest. Let's just say she doesn't seem to be thinking about love.

During the interiew Miley wouldn't go as far as to say that her hit Wrecking Ball was about Liam, choosing instead to say it was about "finding yourself." Oh fine, you can keep that secret, Miley.

I applaud her for being brave enough to be transparent with her emotions. You don't just get over someone you lived with and with whom you were this close to spending the rest of your life. I doubt her remark indicates anything other than what she said -- she and Liam shared something special and that love between them will always be there. But that doesn't necessarily mean they're meant to be together.

Do you think Miley's comment about loving Liam and vice versa means they may get back together?


Image via Ouzounova/Splash News/Corbis


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