Brad Pitt's Wedding Ring Is Absolutely Perfect (PHOTO)

brad pittEven though the engagement was super long and we thought for a minute that the wedding was never going to happen, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got married in a sweet ceremony that their kids were very much a part of. Because of our curiosity when it comes to everything Brangelina, we need to know what these wedding rings look like -- and we got a good look at Brad's.

It's ... so Brad. Brad's wedding band was made by designer Robert Procop, which is curious only because I would assume that Brad and Angie would have somehow figured out a way to make it themselves. But I have a theory on that. Check out the ring.

Simple. Classy. Love it.

Angie has collaborated with Procop on jewelry before -- there is a line named after her. So it's like a friend of the family making their rings for them. Super special.

brad pitt wedding ring

I bet it's custom and I bet the two newlyweds talked at length about what kind of ring they liked. I can just picture them lying in bed, each reading their own book, discussing the best and most comfortable yet stylish and very them kind of rings they should get. Then they would be joined by one of the kids who couldn't sleep and that's when the two of them would lovingly gaze at each other and Brad would nod and do the honors of putting the child back to bed with a little bedtime story.

Oh to be the Jolie-Pitts. Great ring!

What do you think of Brad's ring?


Image via Splash News; Ron Asadorian/Splash News

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nonmember avatar anonymous

Really? He cheated on his wife with a slag.

luvmy... luvmybubs

It looks like a typical mans ring. What is so special and different? Most men don't rock rings studded with diamonds.

fave82 fave82

Boring. Just like them.

Laurie Lynne

Am I missing something? It looks like a plain gold you could buy at walmart....  Just saying.

sugar... sugarbabiesmom looks like a ring. If they put all the thought and dreamy discussion into designing it, I am very disappointed in what they came up with. That said, I think it is perfectly fine. Calm down and move on. Brad & Angie got married...we get it.

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