Kristen Stewart's T-Shirt Tells Us Everything We Need to Know About Her (PHOTO)


Kristen Stewart is 24, which means she's still young. But she's quickly reaching that age when, if she chooses not to smile once in awhile, it will no longer be seen as pouty and cute and sexy, but will simply make others think she's just a rude person.

Well, the actress is making the most out of her image as an Angry Young Woman. While she's always dressed the part and opts for the grunge look when she isn't on the Red Carpet, a T-shirt she wore while in Japan sums up her attitude toward life better than anything we've ever seen her wear.

I would say 25 is the age in which it becomes absolutely unacceptable to carry your goth teen angst on your shoulders, so the Twilight star has a few good months left to unleash her inner Holden-Caulfield-doesn't-the-whole-wide-world-suck act before the world runs out of patience for it.

In the meantime, she can be seen rolling through an airport near you with a punk-ish haircut, backwards hat, and a T-shirt that explains it all:

Her shirt reads: "It's awful. I hate it."

Hmmm. What could the actress despise so much? The publicity she gets? The many opportunities she is offered to showcase her talent? The lack of Rob Pattinson in her world (okay, we'll give her that). Or maybe she really can't stand the money, travel to exotic locations, and the fact that she was blessed with a gorgeous face.

I guess it's not cool to be grateful -- when you're 24.

Tick tock, Kristen.

Don't get me wrong, I love Kristen's honesty. I love that she isn't a plastic Barbie who feels the need to fake it to make it. But am I the only one dying to know what makes her so angry?

Do you think Kristen is getting too old to dress and behave with such angst?

Image via Splash/Splash News/Corbis

Image via Kento Nara/Geisler Fotopress/dpa/Corbis



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nonmember avatar Brenda

She isn´t angry, she already said that she will never smile for a paparazzi pic, so it doesn´t matter if she is 24 or 45 she will not smile for them, and why should she they insult her all the time, they write shit on her car and make fun of her so why should she be nice with them.

Now about her grunge style you just had to check Lindey who is right behind Kristen on that pic she is 30 and still rocks the jeans, hoodies and t-shirts so Stewart has many years to still use her simple clothes, o and another thing she is in an airport not in a read carpet or a fashions show, so not need for her to pull a Stepford wife Taylor Swift look.

Missy... Missyl626

I really don't like this article. I find it highly judgemental. If you think you know anything about a person based on the clothesthey are wearing then you have issues. Can't judge a book by it's cover remember?

MileyWHO MileyWHO

She is one of the creepiest young women I've ever seen.    Does anyone think she's attractive or intelligent or popular?    Would love to know.


I could give a shit about this person,however I find you to be the one who is coming off angry.I myself have muttered those same words following a bad haircut or getting something for the house that i knew would be absolutely stunning,only to find out; "it's awful,I hate it". It's a fucking t-shirt  it didn't have "fuck you" on it so chill the fuck out. 

BPayne09 BPayne09

While she's not my favorite actress I don't blame her at all for not smiling. I wouldn't smile either if I had 50 cameras in my face at all times.

nonmember avatar faithful

@MileyWHO, I love Kristen, I love everything about her, She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I guess its a matter of taste. Love and respect Kris always and forever ! I'm male, just for clarification. I also love her Brain!

gogoh... gogohas2babies

Maybe she is doing her job by getting you to talk about her. It's called a public persona. 

nonmember avatar ani

nothing human perfect....I love kristen forever. Please stop judge her.

Momm2... Momm2threeboyz

She's trashy! I'd be okay never hearing about her again!

nonmember avatar jul

You like her enough to bother reading this and commenting!

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