Chris Martin Reportedly Wooing Jennifer Lawrence With Everything He's Got

Jennifer LawrenceNow that we've all picked up our jaws from the ground at the news that Jennifer Lawrence is dating Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, and accepted that it makes a lot of sense that he's into her (she is sort of the anti-Gwyneth Paltrow in terms of personality), we're left to wonder how he's winning her over.

I mean ... she's super young and bubbly and freaks out with excitement over pockets in a ball gown and loves her french fries and Doritos, and Chris is ... well doesn't he always seem a little sad? I can't tell if it's the British or the musician in him, but dude comes across as a little angsty at times.


Wonder no more, because apparently Chris is hard at work wooing Jen in the wake of his infamous "conscious uncoupling" and her recent break up with Nicholas Hoult.

Side note: Nick is British too. Jen and Gwyn both have Oscars. Maybe their types are too far off after all.

Anyway, according to a source, "Chris is sweeping Jen off her feet ... that's his thing." And how does a musician sweep a lady off her feet? By writing her love songs, of course! (Note to self -- find a musician to date.)

The insider told Us Weekly, "He writes her songs and loves taking her to private, romantic spots."

Jen is loving the attention, apparently, as another source claims that the Hunger Games actress is falling for the Brit. "The better she gets to know him, the more she likes him," the pal said. "She says he's super funny and sweet."

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The same source dished on what initially attracted her to the "Sky Full of Stars" singer -- the musician thing. "Jen was blown away at his London show," the friend dished. "His music is absolutely part of the attraction!"

And how does the ex-wife feel about Chris' new romance? She doesn't seem to mind. Someone close to her revealed that her thoughts on the matter run along the lines of, "'Hey, he could do worse."

What do you think of this new celeb couple?


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