French Montana & Kris Jenner's New Relationship Is All Sorts of Wrong

Kris Jenner & French Montana

Well? If there was one shred of hope left that he might be dating Khloe Kardashian for the right reasons, hearing that French Montana has hired Kris Jenner as his new manager has gotten rid of it once and for all.

No, this isn't a joke.

Life & Style's new report insists that Kris wants to help out French with his career and that he's "really excited about it."

Duh. Of course he is. Because now he has an even bigger chance of using every ounce of the Kardashians' fame to advance his professional life as much as possible.

Seriously, are you believing this?

I mean, I guess it could potentially be a good thing, in the sense that French wanting to get so closely involved with Kris means he plans on being in Khloe's life for quite some time. But then again, amid reports that French is being paid for Keeping Up With the Kardashians, letting Kris manage him makes him seem even less into Khloe.

It's almost like he started seeing her with the sole intention of worming his way into her inner circle so he could hopefully capitalize on the family's name, which is just plain pathetic if it's true.

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But let's assume for one second that Khloe and French are really happy and in love and all that good stuff. If that's the case, why on Earth would she want to mix business with pleasure? There's no better way to ruin a good thing than by having your boyfriend enter into a professional relationship with your mom, of all people. Hopefully Khloe is prepared for things to blow up in her face at a moment's notice.

Ugh. Can't anything ever work out normally for her?

Do you think Kris being French's manager is a bad thing?


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nonmember avatar Melissa

Umm YES!! I thought from the start this dude was just using her for her name! Also he ugly as fuck!!

Billy Lee Tavz

I hope Khloe and her Mom will wake up for a day dreaming.

Denise Elliott

Yes absolutely, Kris needs to act her age, and stop feeding of her daughters

Tina Thrasher

Yes !!! Khloe is my favorite pray she is truly happy n her Mom does not mess it up

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