Pippa Middleton Caught Doing Something Totally Embarrassing (WATCH)

 Pippa Middleton

Poor Pippa Middleton. It seems like she can’t even dance moves without someone videotaping her.

Kate's sis was spotted trying to bust a move during a disco night out with friends (how Eurotrash-tastic, right). The keyword over here of course is “trying.”


Pippa recently let her hair down at a hotel party in a luxury ski resort in Gstaad, Switzerland. In the grainy clip, Pippa looks like she’s ready to boogey down the same way your embarrassing aunt does at family functions after a few too many mimosas. (There’s nothing like letting your inhibitions loose too cheesy disco music, right?). While we’ve all had THAT MOMENT happen, unfortunately for Pippa some really shady person  captured it on their smartphone for the world to see.

The British press has been having a field day with the video, calling it “awkward,” “embarrassing,” and “cringe-worthy.” I mean, I don’t think it’s that bad. It's not like she's spreading her legs to a Nicki Minaj song or anything. I do find it a little cheeky though that her mystery date planted a kiss on her a cheek in the video, which I’m sure her fiancé Nico Jackson is going to be none too happy about. But then again, we’re talking about a European disco party. Kissing is like shaking hands over there, right? Ha!

Do you think the video is embarrassing?

Image via Larry French/Race Across America 2014/Getty Images

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