Leah Calvert Suddenly Expands Her Family ... in a BIG Way!

Leah Calvert

Leah Calvert is definitely one mama who has her hands full. The Teen Mom 2 star has three children -- 4-year-old twins Ali and Aleeah and 1-year-old Adalynn -- so no one really expected her and Jeremy Calvert to expand their brood at any point in the near future.

And that's why it's sort of a big surprise to find out that Leah has decided to add to her family -- in a pretty huge way. (Literally.)

She shared the happy news with her fans yesterday on Twitter -- check it out!

Yes, Leah bought a horse, and she's looking for a handicapped saddle for Ali so she'll be able to ride.

And when you think about it, this actually makes sense. Leah recently announced she's moving to a farm in order to have the room for Ali's special needs therapy, which includes horses. Hey, equine therapy is a thing, y'all, and supposedly it's fantastic.

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That dream has become a reality, apparently! I bet the girls are over-the-moon excited about their new "pet." (Can you even call a horse a pet?)

Of course, Leah's big news was met with a fair amount of eyebrow-raising, as commenters wondered how she could afford such an extravagance, especially given how vocal she's been about her family's financial woes. I guess they're finding a way to make ends meet!

Are you surprised that Leah bought a horse with everything else she has going on in her life?


Image via leahdawncalvert/Instagram

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nonmember avatar krystian

That is because they make it look like she is having money issues.

We all know that she isn't struggling.

nonmember avatar ash

The real question here is , do I care?

nonmember avatar Frances

They bought a horse, how about buying ali her wheelchair

Cheryl Ann Panno

Quit hating. In an earlier episode a  therapist  and her doctors said that Ali would benefit from riding a pony of sorts. Balance, muscle clenching, having fun doing it, all good things for her. Stop worrying about what kind problems Leah is having and look how happy her girls are. Sheesh. 

nonmember avatar mtn mama

not all horses are expensive. my daughter has had one since she was 3 and we are a single income family. and i'm sure they have the wheel chair by now. you all do realize that this isn't live television, right? i mean, the episodes we're watching now were filmed months ago.

Penny Haremza

She is doing as a mother the things she need to to help her daughter. If this will help her out . why judge her. people should be praying for this family not going after them with ever thing they decide to do. Stop be calm and at peace with this family she seem like a good mother.

Andrea Tavares

Funny she can afford a horse but not her damn kids much needed wheelchair! Wow

nonmember avatar Jennifer

She said she "got" a horse, not that she bought one. It could been donated for her daughter's needs.

larsc... larschick

She needs to look into a magic seat for a saddle. It's designed to help keep kids in the saddle. We use one for my 5 year old.

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