Chelsea Houska's Weight Loss Is Starting to Get Really Scary

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Chelsea Houska

I know exercise can be kind of addicting and all, but Chelsea Houska's workout routine has truly reached a point of being WAY too intense.

We already knew she was doing CrossFit several times a week in addition to using all sorts of protein powders and supplements, but it looks as though she may have officially taken things too far in terms of pushing her already tiny body to the limit.

Check out this tweet she posted describing her latest sweat session. Don't you think she's going way overboard as far as burning calories goes?

Yep. She went to CrossFit ... followed by hot yoga! Is she nuts?!?

Um, I've never tried CrossFit, but I was a loyal hot yoga fan for about a year or so. And let me just tell you, when you leave the mat? You're literally dripping in sweat. Like you could wring out your workout attire and almost fill up a bucket.

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From what I've heard, CrossFit is just as challenging, so it's tough to imagine doing both of these workouts back to back.

I know Chelsea is in great shape and can easily handle both of them, but it really does seem like she's putting way too much pressure on herself to shrink her body even further.

Let's just hope this was a one-time thing and that she won't be doubling up on grueling workouts on a regular basis. She looks SO amazing already, so there's no need for her to torture herself!

Do you think Chelsea is getting too obsessed with working out?


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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nonmember avatar krystian

Or maybe you're just jealous?

I'm planning to going to the extreme to lose weight once I'm recovered from surgery. But I also have medical issues that I need to get rid of by losing weight.

nonmember avatar Amanda

As long as she's healthy she can loose as much weight as she wants and I'm sure she's being smart about it cause she's not a dumb girl at all

Cara Richards

You guys know it is possible to reverse your Diabetes right?I reversed mine. I would check this out

1Choctaw 1Choctaw

She looks great!

Jennifer L Hancock

as long as she is under a doctor's care and he or she is ok with it then she is old enough to do what she wants with her body

Mommy... Mommynwife26

She may not be trying to loose weight but tone up. If she's in taking enough calories she could stay at the weight she is at if that is her ideal weight. She looks great! She's rocking being single working mom!

Tara Ramsey

You guys write horrible articles. They're either misleading titles or horribly judgmental for all the wrong reasons. If what you were writing about was credible and a good read you wouldn't have to lie in the headlines.

britt... brittsboys

She takes prescription diet pills all celebrities do!! They go on a diet and the results r so amazing bcuz they take pills. I know first hand how it works and they act like oh!!! I worked so hard when they have pills that make u not want to eat all day!!!!

nonmember avatar KNF

Taking protein powders and supplements is not something that is so ridiculous or going to far. In fact pretty much everyone who is doing an intense weight training program using protein powder and supplements. Also, two workouts a day isn't that insane. The people on the biggest loser and all the other reality junk about people losing weight are working out for far long than that. Professional athletes don't just do one workout a day and then go home. When you are committed to fitness you often train for more than one hour. People should be celebrating her for wanting to be healthy and working out. Everyone these days is afraid of a little good old sweating and that's why everyone is getting fatter and fatter.

nonmember avatar whatthe

What the heck is scary here? She looks great! People do multiple workouts all the time. If you think there's something dangerous in that you are probably completely misinformed on the entire subject and should not be writing about anything related to health or nutrition.

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