Why 'Real Housewives of Melbourne' Is Too Juicy to Miss (VIDEO)

Besides the fact that it airs at noon on Sundays, when no one is watching television, that is ... Seriously, folks, why aren't more of us watching The Real Housewives of Melbourne? It's head and shoulders better than Ladies of London, which got a prime time slot. In today's exclusive video below, I cover episodes 4 and 5, and if you haven't heard, the franchise has been renewed for a second season, so you should get into it now.

I have to tell you, whether it's my own experience as a housewife or simply the experience of watching and covering ALL the franchises, it's fun to watch these ladies fumble around awkwardly bumping into each other and throwing daggers. It's really, really juicy. There's a fight between Gina Liano and Jackie Gillies that no one will let die, but thankfully has NOT yet been assigned a hashtag. There's a newly divorced lady of a certain age, Janet Roach, gleefully dating a 35-year-old and announcing that women in their 30s are considered cougars so she must be a sabre-toothed tiger. There's a somewhat awkward woman by the name of Andrea Moss, whom we already know is out of the show for season 2, and that knowledge makes it even more interesting to watch her squirm.

In today's episode below, I cover why Melbourne might be turning US viewers off, what's behind Andrea's discomfort, and who might be whispering in her ear. How the process of dating one of the Housewives often works, WHY it's "never the time, never the place" to bring things up, and more. What is a bridging scene? And how did Lydia Schiavello get horribly, terribly, but hilariously stitched up?? For answers to all those and more, watch today's episode below now.

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What do you think about the Melbourne cast?


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nonmember avatar Gina

I am a self proclaimed Bravo addict, and I have never seen them advertise RHOM. Just found a few episodes on demand and I'm about to binge!!


Caught it for the first time this past sunday so I still can't assign names with faces. Hopefully I'll remember to watch this sunday.

nonmember avatar Kristi

I would be curious to know if they are counting DVR ratings. I record it and watch it, but I am not home at noon on Sundays. I agree RH of Melbourne has been good. I especially enjoy Janet, Jackie, and Gina.

nonmember avatar Kristi

They are running a marathon tomorrow of the Melbourne episodes.

Audrey Galli

I found the show by mistake and now I am in LOVE with this franchise! I've read articles and blogs from Austarlia and agree with more than 90% of the fans that Gina Liano (in spite of her make-up) is the best housewife of all and all except Chyka has the most class. She has been picked on incessantly by the other four ladies (Andrea is the worst and Lydia is pretty awful, too. Janet turns on her friend Gina and, well, Jackie is crazy but mostly harmless) and has handled their relentless attacks with grace and dignity--I hear the attacks get worse as the season goes on. I love Gina!

nonmember avatar Joost

Andrea: get that stick out of your derriere or at least, grease it up.
Chyka: you are a most decent woman with common sense.
Gina: Gina, you're fabulous and sensible. Love you.
Jackie: a wannabe, rather common chick.
Janet: the more I see, the more I like.
Lydia: you've got a lot of depth - dumb and dumber. The louvre in London, really?!

Tommy Valentino

Shannon Beador is playing this game better than I have ever seen before. She is a political genius; she alludes to things when she's off camera that couldn't possibly be brought up on camera without breaking the fourth wall. When those things are brought up during the reunion, she asks what exactly it is that she said. The other cast members can never answer that question, because she never mentioned specifics; she just implied certain things. I think you've been underestimating Shannon this entire time.

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