'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Nathan Griffith's Fight With Jenelle Evans' Mom Turns Ugly

Nathan Griffith

Ever since we met Jenelle Evans on 16 and Pregnant, we've known that her mom, Barbara, has had opinions. Whether it was on her first baby daddy, Andrew, or Jenelle's later boyfriend, Kieffer, Babs has never been shy about making her thoughts known. And now that Jenelle is dating and pregnant with Nathan Griffith's baby, she's making sure that Jenelle always knows how she feels.

So on tonight's Teen Mom 2 episode, Barbara strongly disapproved of Nathan's money-spending ways and, boy, did he know it. Jenelle is in the final weeks of her pregnancy with baby Kaiser and is planning her baby shower. So naturally, that means a baby registry. But when the couple lists a Peg Perego car seat, Babs doesn't approve. Why? It's $200 and makes no sense. 

Not only that, but Jenelle reveals that the couple has been fighting more and more before their son arrives. Yet when Barbara voices her thoughts on the car seat, Nathan immediately explodes. There's screaming, there's shouting, and there's a lot of "don't tell me what to do" statements before he storms out of the house. And most shockingly of all: Jenelle sits calmly on the sofa as her mom and boyfriend continue with the screaming. Bravo!

Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry is still dealing with baby Lincoln's breastfeeding strike, so while her mom, Suzi, stays with Isaac at home, Kail goes to a lactation consultant. And while Kail gets some good breastfeeding advice from the professionals, Isaac reveals to Suzi that since Javi has left, he "doesn't care about us" anymore. Thankfully, when Kail returns, she sets the record straight and explains to Isaac that Javi's month-long absence is for the best.

Over in West Virginia, Leah Calvert's ex, Corey, finally takes Ali's wheelchair for the first time. Unfortunately, it's stuck in slow mode and won't drive quickly enough for use. Never fear, however, because the girls still get to go to the zoo. And while Ali's condition continues to persist, Grace is starting to act out more and more. Since Ali gets so much attention from mom and dad, the other twin feels left out, so Leah finally has a conversation with her about her sister's diagnosis.

And finally, Chelsea Houska finds out that while Aubree had visitation with Adam Lind and his family, her baby daddy got arrested yet again. This time, for driving with a suspended license. And as for Adam's parents? They didn't even bother to let Chelsea know. To make matters even worse, she starts noticing a pattern. Every time Aubree goes away for the weekend, she comes back and misbehaves. So in an effort to keep her behaving, they make a color chart to track her behavior. Clearly, it's bound to go well because Aubree really wants to go to the bouncy place as her reward. We can't blame her there.

Do you agree with Nathan or Barbara?

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nonmember avatar krystian

I mean yes a 200 car seat is insane....but those are the best of the beat and they can afford it, so it doesn't really matter.

I'm just glad Janelle stayed quiet.

nonmember avatar highwaymiles

Nathan said it was a matter of class... while sitting on a leather couch, wearing a nipple-revealing purposely-ripped shirt, discussing the status of his relationship with his married-to-someone-else baby mama, fresh from jail. Class.

nonmember avatar siriuscat

He is such a loser year. How dare he scream at Barbara like that. Last time she got jennell on heroin, this time she's an alcoholic. He gets drunk and beats jenelle, has 3 duis. But she's an alcoholic.

nonmember avatar Tina

I'm getting really worried for Jenelle. Nathan is starting to seem dangerous. I can't respect anyone who drives drunk and puts others' lives at risk, and its pretty evident he has a drinking problem at this point. I wish he would get help. He is a former marine, we probably don't know the things he may have seen. He really does need to get help if he wants to have a happy life and a good relationship. He owes it to his son and his daughter to get help. Adam and his family should be cut off completely- no more visitation. They don't deserve Aubree in their lives if they're going to act like immature brats. And his parents should be ashamed for raising a terrible son who doesn't care if he goes out in his car and kills someone. Chlesea is a saint for allowing them in Aubree's life at all. Leah's spending is insane. Mary Kay is a pyramid scheme, not a real career. Jeremy had every right to be angry, he's supoorting three kids and Leah's incessant needs for the best of everything- expensive cars, expensive appliances, makeup, salon trips, manicures, this, that, and everything. Not to mention moving houses WAY too often. Realtor commission and moving trucks don't come cheap!! She's got to reevaluate her spending and start being considerate of Jeremy. My husband and I discuss all purchased before making them- even when he was deployed overseas. It's a good way to keep on the same page and show respect for your spouse.

nonmember avatar Lissa

Considering Babs was partially mad because she got called in the middle of the night to get Jace because Jenelle and Nathan didn't have the brains to either stop arguing and walk away from another ( or argue quietly, Jenelle should've gotten on Nathan for speaking to her mother the way that he does. Love or hate her, Barb is the one who stepped up and is raising Jace because Jenelle was not willing to. If for nothing else, she deserves respect for that.

Janie Hutto

UGH, Leah is such a whiney little bitch! She just spent THOUSANDS on makeup that she (admittedly) isn't even USING and she's complaining about money. She's ALWAYS complaining about money.

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