Kim Kardashian Dresses North in Something No Baby Should Wear (PHOTO)

kim kardashian

At first, when we saw Kim Kardashian and North West in matching denim at the Burbank airport, I chalked it up to coincidence. But then, when we saw the ladies both sporting all-black ensembles together, it seemed a little too coincidental. Now, I'm full-on convinced that Kim coordinates her outfits with her daughter -- whenever they're in public, at least. And I've gotta say, it's pretty damn adorable.

Kim and North were spotted leaving the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills on Monday, and yep, they were matching from head to toe in their all-white outfits. Kim had on one of her signature tight pencil skirt/long-sleeved crop top get-ups, while North was a little more modest in a white tank top, stretch pants, and moccasins. Both ladies looked stunning as always, but man, it can't be easy to always find an outfit for your baby that complements yours. Dressing a little one is hard enough!

Check out the girls' matchy-matchy outfits. And all-white on a 13-month-old, Kim? Bold! Not something too many moms would attempt.

kim kardashian

Adorable, right? But clearly this is no accident. This is now the third time we've seen the girls in similar outfits -- Kim totally is doing this on purpose.

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Being that North is still "little," and, despite her knowing how to walk, not quite a squirmy, running toddler yet, I say that Kim should keep this cute custom up while she can. Because Lord knows once that sweet little girl hits the terrible twos and puts up a fight every time her mom wants to dress her in something stylish, the girls probably won't be matching any longer. Enjoy it while you can, Kim!

What do you think of Kim and North's matching outfits?


Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram; Splash News



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Gina Kimball Whitfield

With all the money you have it would be much more becoming of you to do something good in the world like give to a charity or give back to your community. That would make you beautiful!!

MrsAl... MrsAlexis1230

It must be a slow news week cuz who cares if she dresses her daughter similar to her! Wow get a life! Media smh

Christie-love August

Who cares what she dresses HER child in! She looks great n north looks adorable! People are judgemental, people should worry about their own, before judging others. Only GOD has da rite to judge.

Cassy Wruss

How is this something no baby should wear? I hate this website

Bonnie Cobb

I think baby North is perfect. Nothing wrong

Dawn Dealmeida

I think there adorable dressed 2 match.. She's dressed like a little girl just matching in color.. She's such a cutie pie little beauty..

nonmember avatar Jozlynn


Zelda Verbrugghe

i agree who cares what she wares and shes cute xxx

KJsmo... KJsmommamia

Once again.. a misleading title. You guys are ridiculous...I'm just sayin'.

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