This May Be the Real Reason Kate Middleton’s Not Pregnant Again

Kate Middleton

Talk about baby drama! There might be a good reason why Kate Middleton isn’t pregnant yet with a second baby. It looks like it all has to do with her husband, Prince William.

Apparently, Kate is desperate to have a big royal family, but if Prince William has his way, her pregnancy plans are going to be all but shattered.


According to the U.K.’s Express Newspaper, a source close to the Duchess says that while she would love to have at least three children (if not more), Prince William wants to close down her dreams after a second baby. There’s a good chance that he’s also delaying her second pregnancy because he doesn’t want her to potentially get pregnant with a third baby too fast while they’re still young. The source explained:

Kate has been talking about having at least three children, which is why she is keen to be pregnant again. The Duke would probably be happy with two but Kate is very close to her brother and sister and there is a sense that as she is one of three, she would like to have three herself.

I can totally see why Kate wants a big family. The Middletons seem like such a close knit family and unfortunately for Prince William, ever since Princess Di died he hasn’t really experienced the same warmth and happiness with his father and grandmother. I don’t think Prince William is against having a big happy family, he’s just probably not used to the idea. Meanwhile, Kate wants Prince George to grow up the same way she did. Hopefully these two will work out their issues and figure what they want for their family and get pregnant soon. I mean, no pressure of anything, right? * Wink *

Do you think William and Kate should have a big family?

Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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