Kris Jenner Practically Tortures North West While Laughing About It (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian North West

I'm sure for the most part she's a wonderful grandmother and all, but after seeing a new picture of Kris Jenner holding a crying North West while attempting to feed a giraffe at the San Diego Zoo, it really seems like she put the poor baby through hell simply for the sake of a photo opportunity.

I should probably mention that while Nori is crying her eyes out and is clearly terrified of the enormous animal putting its mouth on her tiny hand, Kris looks just as happy as can be, laughing at what is taking place.

OMG. How bad do you feel for that little girl?!? Don't you just want to reach out and grab her away from her mean granny?

(Kim must have been SO pissed!)

Maybe I'm overreacting a little, but it does kind of look like Kris is basically jamming Nori's hand into that giraffe's mouth, which would definitely explain why the child is crying out in fear.

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Oh, and that picture of Kim and Nori at the top of this post was taken after they left the zoo. You can see that North is still clearly traumatized from almost being fed to the animals. (Can you blame her?)

Sigh. Even though capturing a funny photo was Kris' goal, something tells me this shot isn't going to wind up gracing her mantel anytime soon. Perhaps the next time she takes Nori to the zoo, she'll think twice about how close she gets to the enclosures.

Do you feel bad for Nori?


Image via Splash News



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nonmember avatar Jozlynn


Lauren Watts

I agree!! Your an idiot!!

nonmember avatar Rhonda M

Don't propagate hate. It just makes you look stupid. It would have been a better article if you were discussing how they make time for family even with their busy schedules and how they manage all they have and do and still prioritize one another.

Lydia Barnaville

Saying stuff like torturing an child is way over the top typical journalists nothing better to write about no one believes the rubbish ye write anyways

nonmember avatar gina

Sooo wtf not in any one's defense but soo what no harm done, granny's are supposed to b silly, naking a big wooo for nothing, the baby at least has the chance to see what life and God's creatures really are no biggie!! Don't spoil them! Grandma is bonding..her way..

Maryann Cusimano Fairbrother

You guys need to get a life I'm sure kris would never put her grand babie in danger your all dum asses

Tanya Johnson

Looking at that picture how can you tell the child is crying?? All I see is Kris's arm and North's head down.

Valerie Marchand-Darling

I can't stand chris you can clearly tell she is jealous of all her girls always has to be the center of attention Kim should slap her

Chris Rand

Yes I feel bad for Nori


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