Jessa Duggar Had to Say 'Yes' After Ben Seewald's Elaborate Proposal

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Jessa Duggar, Ben SeewaldWe were beyond excited (although not very surprised) earlier this month when Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald officially announced their engagement. The pair has been courting for almost a year, which by 19 Kids and Counting standards is practically a decade.

Anyway, we've known that Ben has had a flair for the romance for awhile, showering Jessa with sweet notes and pearl bracelets and the like, not to mention tons of sweet affection and attention on social media, but he really outdid himself with an elaborate proposal any girl would've had a hard time turning down. Heck, even I want to say yes!

Ben planned a fairy tale proposal which involved a plane ride, an epic scavenger hunt, and a gorgeous princess-cut diamond ring that Jessa is now happily sporting.

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Even though we'd been speculating for awhile that Ben and Jessa were already engaged, the official proposal didn't take place until August 14, and once you hear ab out the crazy details, you'll know why their courtship was longer than we expected -- apparently it took months to plan!

Jessa told People Magazine, "A few days before, he had given me a rose and asked me out on a date for the next night."

It wasn't just any date though, it was a triple date with both of their parents, which was a surprise for Jessa, because she hadn't known her honey's parents were in town. Ben gave her an iPad that night, with a pre-recorded video message that said, "This is the first clue to the rest of your life."

Ben admitted that he'd done his best to surprise Jessa. "I had done a few things to throw her off track," he said. "Jessa is really good at figuring things out and I wanted to surprise her." 

The day of the actual proposal began with a plane ride piloted by Jessa's brother John-David Duggar, from their hometown of Springdale, Arkansas, to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Jinger Duggar accompanied Jessa as a chaperone, because of course.

According to the family's blog:

Throughout the day, Jessa had to get a hole-in-one at a miniature golf course, collect a dozen roses from strangers in a park, take a trolley tour while filling out a quiz, and ride in a train with other members of her family. The final clue led her to Thorncrown Chapel.

Jessa said when she got there, "I walked in, and he was standing there at the front ... I could barely talk. I knew he was going to propose. I cried."

That's when Ben got on bended knee and asked Jessa to be his wife with a .75-carat princess-cut diamond engagement ring.

She said yes.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar couldn't be happier with the match, which JB had previously given his blessing for when Ben asked him for his daughter's hand.

Ben's parents are pleased as punch too, with his mom Guinn Seewald telling People, "Michael and I could not be more thrilled for Ben and Jessa ... having similar goals and interests, they balance and complement one another beautifully. We praise God for the blessing of this relationship between Ben and Jessa."

No word on a wedding date yet, but we can't imagine it will be a very long engagement.

Do you think Jessa got a dream proposal?


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Nonnie Renee Shuler

You are so perfect for one another:)Can't wait to see how beautiful will be on her wedding<3

nonmember avatar Amy

Poor Jessa. She cringes when kissing Ben is mentioned and even said she thinks his gushy "love language" is stupid. I was hoping she was going to be an example of how courtship end when the couple doesn'tget married once she realized she shouldn't stay with someone she doesn't like and he got over being a fanboy of the show. I worry that once he isn't always with the whole clan that he will fall out of love with the idea of her and she will have gone through that transition just to end up divorced or worse.

nonmember avatar krystian

Amy, when and where did you hear this

Mimi Bass

too cute!  they make a good looking couple and i wish them the best.

nonmember avatar a guest

Oh my word, as Amy mentioned,she is right. Ben is not right for Jessa, there is just something off with guy. Why did they have a long courtship. Jill did not know Derrick that long,then the proposal,then the wedding.All that happened in a short period of time. Jessa was in a courtship first, 11 months. This Ben, I see a difference with him verses Derrick, the two men that marry a Duggar is in it for all the wrong reasons. The girls are reality stars, mark my words that there is big money involved. 19 kids and Counting,TLC,pays each money anyone who says that the money is donated is cray cray coo coo. They all get paid. When Josie was born a prematurely and in the NICU,for months,who paid for all of that? Some Medical Ins. Does not cover all research on the real story.TLC,paid for all of it. As well, as Jill's wedding.. Jessa,I am not sure she loves can tell just by looking at Jessa,it is forced. Ugh!! Enough of the Duggar Family. They may be nice people, but, something is so wrong. Ben is in this for all the wrong reasons. He is younger than Jessa, creepy little man,so, they are engaged big deal, it will not last.. as will happen with Jill, omg these, girls need a life.not marriage and babies. Strange,and so creepy werid. Ben and Jessa will not last ugh!!

nonmember avatar sara

Hello. Just want to say whom God puts together let no one or their unkind words come between. So long as the Lord has brought you together and you both keep him first, all will be well. Just because a sibling or friend gets engaged and married before you, it doesn't mean its wrong or something is wrong with your relationship. Go at the pace that is good for your relationship. No 2 couples are exacttly the same. I myself am partial to a long courtship. Let's you really get to know each other. Much love and blessings your way Dillard's & upcoming Seewalds!

Carol Plum-Ucci

The Duggars are always saying that their kids are very different from one another, and I'd say the different length of the courtships is just about two different girls with different needs and timings. Jessa has said that she's very practical and not all "touchy feely" and gooey and gushy. If it were a bad match, the other Duggars, especially the parents, would have seen it by now and encouraged her to put on the brakes. I love the show and feel like the kids are my own.

nonmember avatar JIll Lester

Nonmember guest comment. I don't watch the show to know that much about the kids and their love lives but I do know the Dugger's have their own money. I'm sure they could pay the hospital bill without TLC's help.

nonmember avatar Amy

I watch the show. When they talk about kissing, Jessa looks at Ben and cringes. Ben's mom seems happy, but like she is being fed lines. It is really sad. I am not so sure the parents would "put on yhe brakes". In the love language convo, Michelle tells Jessa to change for him. They care more about getting partners who follow Jim Bob than real compatability.

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