Huge Bombshells Dropped About Two 'RHONJ' Stars (VIDEO)

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Wow. Whoever thought that The Real Housewives of New Jersey were drinking "nice juice" last week will be happy (or not surprised) to know that it's back to the dark and toxic this week. Two scandals to cover, one on the show with Victoria GottiRino Aprea, and Teresa Aprea (and a few other people), and one in the press with Rosie Pierri. Plus, we had no Kardashians last night due to the Video Music Awards, so there's Don't Be Tardy business as well.

In today's exclusive video below, I break it all down, scandal by scandal. Was Victoria paid? What could have possessed her to discuss this on television? Is there any truth to the rumor and how would Victoria know about it? Point by point I give you my opinion and possibilities for how this may have played out off-camera.

Next, it's the Rosie and her girlfriend scandal. Have you heard about this? A blog called All About the Real Housewives printed what they claim are copies of emails between Ellen's real-life girlfriend and Sirens Media, RHONJ's production company, and Bravo. In today's episode below I discuss how it may have happened. Can any company or person truly bully another onto a reality show? You'll want to watch this. And if anyone ever asks you to go on a show, watch this again.

With all this finger pointing going on, it was a breath of fresh air to see Untying the Knot's Vikki Ziegler meet with Dina Manzo this week; more on that in the video.

real housewives

Finally, there was a new episode of Don't Be Tardy last night, though it doesn't seem as though the series has officially switched to Sundays. I discuss what I picked up from watching, and whether I think Kim Zolciak was being straight with her viewers. Watch now!

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Do you think Rosie's romance is a fake?


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Amber Buckley Lyons

yes very fake, rosie has succumbed to reality fakeness, and playing up her friendship cookiness with Joe, just to get camera time

Jackie Primavera

I like Rosie and I hope Bravo does not pound her into the ground......Gotti needs to shut her pie hole.Why doesn't the IRS ck. this creepy women out maybe living off the killer daddy's blood money.Shes looking for another gig at any price.Sham on her!

Danielle Denise

Hey!  Isn't that the weird woman from RHONY the wouldn't leave her creepy husband's side ever?

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

Danielle Denise your thinking of Aviva. Victoria Gotti "HAD" a reality show called Growing Up Gotti, She was married to a big time mob boss who died ( I think) But being seen with her isn't exactly good for ones image 

nonmember avatar Emma

Are the interviews filmed during or after filming? Sometimes it seems like the housewives are framing the story for something that happens later in the season.

Susan Carrier

Great Job Alex~~ Miss you as a "Real Housewife!" Victoria Gotti was a guest on Watch What Happens Live and the bantering was that she should be a new housewife, but for the life of me, I can't remember if it would be New York or New Jersey! "My thought" was perhaps they were priming her for a "spot" in case Teresa Guidice ends up doing jail or prison time! I guess we'll know in September when they are due back in court!

boa134 boa134

I think Rino said it, I could even believe it happened.  He doesn't give off vibes of a guy who has morals. It's the Mom I give pause to.  I'm not sure she would stoop that low, but she did raise daughters who are rather shallow and flighty... who knows?

As far as the Rosie story.. I think Rosie likes the attention and did all she could to keep getting it.  I like the idea of Rosie but not Rosie herself if that makes sense.  That said, what about Ellen?  Doesn't she have the biggest burden of responsibility in all of this?  It's her children and she is not a cast member.  Something tells me she didn't get all she was promised and now has bitter berries over it.  

What was manufactured was the camping trip, IMO.  Kim Z is not exactly outdoorsy and placing her in that situation was bound to bring some laughs.  I think she did alright all things considered.  They make me laugh so I can forgive quite a bit.


Bonnie Stone

I couldn't stand you on RHONY Alex so I certainly wouldn't put myself through listening to you critique any of these shows.

Bonnie Stone

Rosie said on the show a few weeks back that they weren't seeing each other anymore. Why would this even be mentioned?

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