Kate Middleton's Plans for Prince Harry's 30th Birthday Party Are Totally Inappropriate

kate middleton

Well, well, well, what do we have here? Looks like Kate Middleton is taking a break from her royal duties in order to plan a rager of a party for Prince Harry's 30th birthday. According to reports, the Duchess is getting back to her party-planning roots by organizing a fete to remember at Kensington Palace for her brother-in-law, who turns the big 3-0 September 15.

The bash sounds like a lot of fun, but not something Queen Elizabeth would necessarily approve of. The party will reportedly be a nightclub-themed one, replete with sexy dancers, a "cocktail mixologist," coasters with embarrassing old photos of the prince emblazoned on them, and ... all of Harry's ex, and current, flames.

What could possibly go wrong?

Apparently, Kate plans on inviting both Chelsea Davy and Cressida Bonas to the affair, along with Harry's current-maybe lady, Camilla Thurlow. An inside source said, "Harry has no problem with seeing his exes all under the same roof. Let’s just hope they don’t either." I'm guessing if Chelsea and Cressida both go to the party (which, let's get real, who would skip a fun party at Kensington Palace?), they'll both be cool with one another, right? Then again, if the prince has a few drinks in him and starts, I dunno, making out with Thurlow, might not be the best of situations for Chelsea and Cressida.

I trust in Kate, though. And I presume she would only go through with something if she was confident it wouldn't turn into something messy and drama-filled. And if there's one royal event I hope we all get to see photos of this year, it's this. The official royal engagements are cool and all, but at how many of them feature Prince Harry with a lampshade over his head or Prince William with his tie wrapped around his forehead?

Do you think there will be drama at Harry's bash?


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kate middleton


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nonmember avatar Pailine

I do not believe any of this.

Imani Woodard-Ali

I would love to be a fly on that wall.  Has anyone asked the question, "Did Prince Harry had a hand in this party?"  Who's to say that this story is even true.  People, people, people.


Jacek Wiscicki

Go for it Kate, Break the palace rules and be yourself, What's you plan for Harry's birthday is totally appropriate and exciting:-)

nonmember avatar jake

Who wants to party with that boring twit?

Robert Miller

great stuff/your only 30 once /well done Katie /Diana would have done the same for Harry enjoy

nonmember avatar betty

lazie katie never attened Raulp lauren event raising money for cancer foundation, she never attended taylor swift concert for charity at the palace , shes never throws any parties for her charities to raise money, which she visit once a year, last month she made only 3 appearances at the commonwealth, this month shes been MIA and now she wants to turn the palace intoi a nightclub, this speaks volume of how trashy her character is, A NIGHTCLUB IN THE PALACE !!! Really???????

Gail Maxwell

No.They're all smart adults. Good luck to them,& stop being envious.. Grow up,yourself!!:) :)

Jeni Meyers

as long as shewilliam are paying for it out of their pockets who should care



Frances Williams

Really ? how do you know this...  it is so silly making this stuff up you must think people are fools. We are intelligent enough to know that Kate has a great deal of sense and would not consider embarrassing her brother-in-law or the Roayl Family... her family now of course. AND do you really expect us to belief that Prince William would not be involved in any plans being made...

No, I think Kate has too much taste and too much sense to be charged with such rubbish

Carol Brown Ne Clift

no kate would have disgusted this party first with william and their is no harm in this good for kate taking this party on his mother would have been fine with this

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