Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande & Jessie J Open the 2014 VMAs With a Bang (VIDEO)

Oh. My. Gawd. There are times when the opening act of an awards show is so stale, it leaves you yawning before the first presenter takes the podium. The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards was different. We knew we were going to get a major dose of Nicki Minaj, her butt, and possibly an actual anaconda -- though likely not the same one that bit her backup dancer during rehearsals. What some of us probably didn't know was that Ariana Grande and Jessie J would hold their own alongside Minaj or that Ariana -- the same girl who said she wasn't comfortable being sexy and has no desire to become a sex symbol -- pretty much solidified her sex symbol status.

The trio kicked off the show with an amazing medley of their huge hits "Break Free," "Anaconda," and "Bang Bang." Ariana's voice was just spectacular and she proved that, with or without her crazy space boots and teeny outfits, she has the pipes to earn our respect.

Nicki, talented in her own way, decided to actually tone things down during her performance, which is shocking considering the scandal she caused when she released her very naughty video for "Anaconda." Aside from the requisite twerking and outrageous outfits, the focus really was on these ladies' singing and rapping -- which is nothing short of refreshing.

Here's their incredibly energetic opening performance:

What did you think of Nicki, Ariana, and Jessi J's "Bang Bang" performance?


Image via Lester Cohen/Getty Images

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youth... youthfulsoul

I never heard if Jessie J but she's got a great voice.

nonmember avatar LCC

These three are faves. The fact that they came together to create an awesome song and then delivered such a high-caliber performance at the VMA's is a fantasy! Jessie J has been my girl crush since forever. Please, please tour together.

D.j. Lord

ariana lied..she will be naked before the year is out...such is show bizness..didnt see the song so cant speak to how good it was

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