Kim Kardashian Wears Craziest Dress Yet at 2014 MTV Video Music Awards

As far as we know, Kim Kardashian can't hold a tune, but that was clearly not a concern when MTV invited her to present at this year's Video Music Awards. The star was introduced as "Kim Kardashian West," and she emerged from the distance looking like she was wearing some kind of strategically sliced flag. The graphics on her Balmain dress were harsh, the neckline plunged right down to the ground, and -- well, when she opened her mouth, what was she actually saying? It was hard to tell because the audience was either too busy booing or cheering for her to actually hear her clearly.

The crowd pretty much erupted the moment Kim stepped up to the podium to introduce her "friend" Sam Smith, who performed "Stay With Me." It was hard to tell whether they were thrilled to see Kim or if they were less than pleased that she had made her way onto the stage. You may remember her husband, Kanye West, ruined poor Taylor Swift's big moment at the 2009 awards by interrupting her acceptance speech for Best Female Video. He was then booed -- and rightfully so.

While I doubt Kim is paying for something Kanye did, she seemed a little lost up there and the dress didn't help her case.

It was, however, pretty entertaining to watch Kendall Jenner crack up when, just a little while later, Jay Pharoah was introduced as West and did a pretty spot-on impression of the singer. "We named North after an airline that doesn't exist" was just one quote that sent Kim, Kylie, but especially Kendall into a giggling fit.

What did you think of Kim's dress and appearance at the VMAs?


Image via All Access Photo/Splash News/Corbis



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linzemae linzemae

I love the pattern of the dress. The top could be a little less revealing

Lynne Ronise Harrison

What the HELL wAS she wearing a cut-up carpet or rug..and i said it before every time a kardashian open there mouthor try to move there mouth shit comes out....shut the fuck up please

Cooks... Cookster792

As usual she looked like a clown. Does she even look in the mirror? Kanye is choosing her clothes and it shows but she is afraid to go against his wishes .Her and her sisters were out of place there.  Hollywood laughs behind their back all the time. They can laugh all the way to the bank and they still will have no class.

nonmember avatar My opinion

wtf is she thinking? A common street walker,looks like she just threw on an old ladies kerchief, matches the sagging boobs tho. That whole family us a bunch of talentless, useless people, who sleep, their way around to get what they want.

nonmember avatar Sandra g.

I don't feel sorry for her. Her step - dad looks like a girl. Chris is a slut. who worships the devil and she and her girls are a bunch of non - talented sluts who sleep around to get what they want. I wish they would go away. That ugly dress she wore just made her look like a whore. What the he'll was she doing there? She can't do anything but spread her legs. I feel sorry for her little girl. But then she has Chris k. For a mother. Chris you have turned your girls into whores. The world would be better off without any of them. You do know that they worship the devil. They are all going to hell anyway. So just go already.

Jennifer Lownds

i love kim kardasgain west, and i love the dress she wore to the vma's!

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