Selena Gomez Dresses Up Like a 70-Year-Old Grandma (PHOTO)

selena gomezSelena Gomez is beautiful -- there is no denying that. And for the most part, I love just about everything she wears. Except for maybe those super short shorts. My goodness, Selena!

For a pre-Emmys party, Selena definitely went in the opposite direction of her barely there shorts. In fact, she's so covered up I think the outfit is more 70-something year old grandma instead of 20-something pop star.

I love vintage and retro -- the style, the music, the hair. But I'm just not feeling this outfit. Just last month on her 22nd birthday, Selena wore another vintage-inspired suit, but that one seemed a bit more fashionable -- perhaps it was the deep v-neck all the way to her belly button. Red is a great color for her, but there is just too much red here. The outfit just seemed to lack fun. And the Emmys are fun! Seth Meyers is hosting! Fun is going to be had. Tonight!

Still, I'm going to appreciate. There aren't many who could look as good as Selena does in a granny outfit.

What do you think of Selena's pantsuit?


Image via Selena Gomez/Instagram



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nonmember avatar Me

She looks normal and decent.

Mafri... Mafrierye

She looks fantastic.

N_mar... N_maricle

I actually love that on her. It looks classy and flattering.

nonmember avatar Carolina

She looks perfectly fine. There's absolutely nothing wrong with what she's wearing. Matter fact thank you Selena for showing media, fans and the public, specially young generations that there's no need to dress like a whore to look stunning!!!! my respect to you. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍

BGarcel BGarcel

Why so much negativity towards dressing sexy? Clothes do not make the person, and often superficial judgement actually paints those who do the judging in a bad light.

gridi... gridironsmom

I think it looks nice. And definitely more classy than Kim K's outfit!

nonmember avatar Megan

I think she looks fabulous!

Eva8686 Eva8686

I like it, very classy and elegant, i would something like that

mayba... maybaby180

How about we let her dress in what she feels comfortable in whether is shows off everything or absolutely nothing.

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